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Yoast Reviews

Yoast is well known for their WordPress SEO plugin, which has been downloaded over 10 million times. This plugin helps you optimize your website for search engines. However, this is just the start of your optimization process and not at all everything Yoast has to offer.

Yoast has been offering SEO Website Reviews for a few years, and they’ve already done over a thousand of them. Joost and his team have extensive knowledge of SEO and have helped both big and small websites with their reviews. The wealth of knowledge these SEO Website Reviews offer go far beyond the price they’re actually asking for it.

Why you should order a Yoast review

These days, you can find a lot of different „reviews“ for your website. Most of these are free and automated. While this might seem like something cool, it simply can’t be compared to having real SEO experts review your site. We’ll explain here why.

First of all, the automated reviews you’ll find for free online mostly check the technical sides of your website. They’ll tell you how much H1s you have on your site, or how many Twitter and Facebook followers you have. But what they won’t tell you, is what you should actually focus on. These reviews won’t tell you you’re missing important content, or that your content isn’t clear enough. Sure, these free automated reviews will give you some keywords you should focus on, but these keywords are complete bogus. If you write a lot of articles in the month May, odds are your blog homepage will have the „keyword“ May in there.

Having Yoast do a website review, instead of a free review, will get you a detailed description of where your website is at SEO wise. They’ll tell you what you should be changing and what you shouldn’t be changing. And they’ll also tell you which changes are most important. And all of this with a personal touch, because they actually know what your website is about. These are things you simply won’t get from any automated review.

The big difference that sets the Yoast SEO Website Reviews apart is that SEO experts will personally be going through your website. A real person will be using your website, giving you very valuable insights.

Extensive knowledge

If you’ve ever ordered an SEO Website Review from Yoast, you’ll know how extensive their reviews are. Their reviews consist of at least 200 different checks, compared to about a 50 which you will get from a free review. And it’s not just the number of checks, it’s also the background information you get along with them. The reviews Yoast offer all give detailed background information, explaining what certain checks mean and how you could implement the changes. Pair this up with their additional support after you’ve received the review and you’ll walk away from this review a lot more „SEO capable“.

It’s not just the text in these reviews by Yoast that makes them extensive, but also the vast amount of experience in the team behind them. Joost de Valk, Yoast’s CEO, has been one of the best SEOs in the world for a good number of years. One of the biggest migrations of 2013 of the British newspaper The Guardian has been a major success and is still growing The Guardian’s traffic. Joost has shared all his knowledge with his team, easily making Yoast one of the more SEO capable businesses you’ll find.