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Yeaw – I´m an Affilinet Top Publisher

Affilinet Top PublisherI just received an eMail, that I´m now an official Affilinet Top Publisher – nice 🙂

Affilinet just launched this Top Publisher thing, to reward some of their good affiliates, and also give their merchants a hint on wether a particular affiliate is a trusted publisher, and can drive significant traffic to their program.

This kind of labeling is not really new, to the german affiliate market – with Zanox it´s the AdRank (I think I got an AdRank of 8.1), and with CJ, it´s a number of bars (from 1 to 5) – yes, I´m a 5-bar publisher there 🙂
It´s really like the new Pagerank for people like me 🙂

Great that Affilinet now finally also got a system like that in place!
I just wonder, how many publishers received that labeling, anyone got numbers on this… ?!

Some more stuff, I just want to mention really quick ->
Karsten, the german godfather of affiliate marketing, Windfelder did a quick after-Affiliate-TactixX Interview with me over at this 100Partnerprogramme Blog – check it out! Oh, and Jojo posted my SES Hamburg interview just yesterday, so head over to his blog.

Marco spilled the news on my new Corporate Identity & Logo, some of you guys where fortunate enough to see already at Affiliate TactixX. I guess now I got to blog about it, but I want to brush up my blog a little bit first… so stay tuned.

Oh, and by the way – do you wanna know why your sites rankings have dropped in google? Check out this cartoon – that just might be true 🙂

And while you´re laughing, check out PokerAffiliatePrograms Blog, where Jeremy und Greg are showing off their touristy style (their luggage got lost in london on their way to cyprus – oh wonder) … 🙂