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WSOP here I come!

I mentioned it already on one of our shows at Webmasters on the Roof but now everything is finally perfect -> I´m going to play in the 2007 World Series of Poker Main-Event in Las Vegas next month!!

The Main-Event is by far the most prestigious event in the poker world, and truely the world championship of poker! I really can´t believe I´m going to be a part of this magnificent event this year!

A big thanks to PokerStars for sponsoring me the 10.000 Dollar Buy-In (!!)! Unbelievable someone is really paying me 10.000 Dollars to play in a poker tournament :-)
I won´t let you guys down, and if I win the 16 Million Dollar 1st-Prize I´ll definetly party really hard with Andreas and Sven of PokerStars Germany, who made this dream of mine come true!

While I´m in Las Vegas, stop by at my new Poker Blog or at Poker Institut, where I´ll be blogging too during the tournament! Life´s a Poker Game, I´m all in :-)

12 Comments on "WSOP here I come!"

  1. Mario sagt:

    Wish you Aâ™  Kâ™  Qâ™  Jâ™  10â™  ;-)

    See you,
    Mario B.

  2. shandyking sagt:

    Ok, now I officially hate you! ;-)

  3. ThrillBill sagt:

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch, hoffe Du schaffst es ins Geld……..patience rules. Falls Andreas und Sven, die ich leider nicht kenne ;) , noch weitere Buyins verteilen wollen…..würde mich zur Not opfern :)

  4. mucmo sagt:

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch und viel Erfolg.
    Ich hoffe auf eine ausführliche Berichterstattung.

  5. Andi sagt:

    Viel Glueck beim zocken.
    Wenn Du lust hast, koennen wir ja in San Jose mal zum Bier ausgehen und Deinen Erfolg feiern.

  6. Baynado sagt:


    my best regards to you.

    I Hope, you will win the whole pot.

    May we see you at Joost?

  7. Baynado sagt:


    my best regards to you.

    I Hope, you will win the whole pot.

    May we see you at Joost?

  8. Uwe sagt:

    Ich find’s schön, mal wieder einen Poker-Beitrag in Deinem Blog zu lesen. Das neue Blog werde ich mir gleich mal genauer anschauen :-)

    Auf jeden Fall viel Glück beim Main-Event.

  9. Wow thats great! I had my chance but missed it. I won a contest for entry into the 2006 WSOP but unfortunately or (mabe fortunately) the sponsor screwed up and never got my tickets & reservations in time so I was offered $10,000 cash which I happily, but also sadly accepted.

    Good luck to you! Please win for me and tell them thats for screwing me last

  10. Oliver sagt:

    Glückwunsch zum überstandenen ersten Tag. Mit den Chips kann man ja sogar noch was anfangen :)

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