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Win the LAST Ticket for SEOktoberfest 2010 | Bodog SEOktoberfest Ticket Challenge

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SEOktoberfest is only 2 weeks away, and with all the tickets long gone (yes, we were sold out after about an hour…), it´s time for a little contest & your chance to WIN a Full-Ticket for SEOktoberfest! Yes, that´s right – you can win one ticket, everybody else had to pay 5.000 Euros for!!

Our sponsor is giving away one of the tickets they got as a part of their sponsorship deal, and since they´re all about poker, they wanna see your skills, and give the ticket to one lucky guy, who can make the most out of $1.000 in play money!

Here´s the Deal

When you sign-up at Bodog, and download the playmoney-client, you get an initial $1.000 in playmoney to play around with. We´re looking for one lucky guy, who manages to make the most out of these 1.000 virtual bucks!

So how do we know, who wins? That´s easy -> you just post or twitter a screenshot of your playmoney account balance! On tuesday, the 14th of september at 3 p.m., the guy or girl with the highest amount of playmoney shown on a blogged or twittered screenshot will win the ticket for SEOktoberfest 2010!

You can leave photoshop out of this, since Bodog will take a closer look at the winning account to see what´s been going on, and if you really had that amount in your account at the given time! If you blog or twitter a fake screenshot you´ll get suspended from the contest.

The great thing about it -> You can always reload to the initial amount of $1.000 !! If you lost all your playmoney, you can just refill back up to $1.000 again, and start all over again!

You can blog and twitter as many screenshots of your account as you like! So you could even twitter a new screenshot with every hand you win, just as long the new playmoney account balance is higher then one you twittered before 🙂

HowTo – Step by Step

Go to
Explanation Pic 1

Open an account:
Explanation Pic 2

Download the Playmoney Client:
Explanation Pic 3

Here´s your initial $1.000 ->
Explanation Pic 5

Stroll the Lobby to find a juicy game:
Explanation Pic 4

Play poker (& win…)
Explanation Pic 6

If you loose all your playmoney, you can reload back to your initial $1.000! ->
Explanation Pic 7

This is the Screenshot, you got to twitter or blog ->
Explanation Pic 8
So in this case, your highest amount would be $3.016 – let´s hope someone can beat this LOL 🙂

If you blog your account screenshot
-> Please trackback this post, or send me the url via eMail. I don´t give a shit about follow and nofollow, so link to anyone however you like.

If you twitter your account screenshot -> Please use the Hashtag #BodogRocks

Here´s an example tweet ->
Highscore Tweet

Good luck!!