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Welcome to this world Lena Theresa Bavaria!

Theresa BavariaMy good friend Philip, the mighty Eveningmaster, and his beautiful girlfriend & Miss October Playmate 2007 Anna Scharl got a little babygirl!!

It´s been about 10 days already (the german FOCUS was a lot faster to report it), but I didn´t have a picture yet. Her name is Lena Theresa Bavaria, and as you can see, she´s amazingly cute! Congratulations to them! (and on a sidenote: Great job Philip, knocking up a Playmate :-) …)

Oh, and someone else spilled the news today (on Twitter!) -> Baynado is going to be a dad too pretty soon! Congratulations to Sammy!

8 Comments on "Welcome to this world Lena Theresa Bavaria!"

  1. Bob Rains sagt:


    Congrats Philip, and Anna. I thought they were gong to name her Bob?

    Where should I send her first pair of sneakers?

  2. Saupreiß sagt:

    Mit der Frisur kann man nur aus Starnberg kommen, oder?

  3. Christian sagt:

    Die alten Medien waren schneller?
    Schäm dich :)

    Grüß mal den Philip von mir, ich hatte das vergnügen ihn in Wien kennenzulernen.

  4. Sven sagt:

    das ist doch der franjo! :-)

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