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web2.0expo recap

I´ve been kinda busy over the weekend, due to an enormous workload, after being away in berlin for four days… so my recap of the first web2.0expo comes a little late – but I definetly wanted to do some shoutouts!

I really had a blast at web2.0expo! My presentation seems to have been quite successful and inspiring, and my slides have been downloaded over 230 times… I was actually a little worried that my slides are now accessible to everybody, and not just conference-attendees, cause I already see some of my stuff being reused by some 2nd class seo-agencies… that´s why I won´t link to them 🙂

But thanks for the great feedback I received, and a big thanks to Paul, Phil, Michael, Stephan and Evert (a special thanks for the beers! :-))

Btw. I had a reaaally short appearance on a short coverage about web2.0expo on rbb – you can watch it here – you can see me for about 4 seconds talking to Zanox-Mastermind Bosko at the official party at 40seconds 🙂

See ya next year!

Update: Damn – I totally forgot to blog about our visit to the Jambaplex (congratulating Marc to his recent fatherhood!), and the global headquarters of Iven&Hillmann – you can´t visit berlin, without visiting Ron, the eminence of affiliate-marketing and seo (I just love that video :-))
Thanks Peter for the reminder!

7 Comments on "web2.0expo recap"

  1. Peter sagt:

    I’m missing the part about your mobile content merchant tour with Commission Junction 🙂

  2. mauri sagt:

    wo kann man die slides runterladen?*such*

  3. yaph sagt:

    What a pity that I couldn’t attend your presentation. I’ll have a look at your slides. No worries, I won’t link them either 😉

  4. Andreas sagt:

    Wie hat dir denn die Konferenz im großen und ganzen gefallen ?

    Gibt ja sehr kritische Reaktionen im Web.

  5. mediadonis sagt:

    Ich fand die Konferenz im Großen und Ganzen recht gut. Die Location war halt super beschissen, weil es so weitläufig war – unter aller Sau…
    Aber sonst habe ich auch net sooo viele Sessions gesehen – aber die, die ich gesehen habe, waren klasse.
    Die Session von Google zur Open Social API war sehr gut, genauso wie das Passionate Users Ding.

  6. mauri sagt:

    also die slides, kann ich mir selbst malen? *heul*

  7. Bosko sagt:

    Alter Markus,

    zwar ein kurzer Auftritt, aber dennoch waren wir die geilsten auf der Party 😀

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