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web2.0expo is a blast!

It has really been a great session this morning! Although it was pretty early, and a lot of people showed up late for my speech (Monday morning at 9.30am is definetly the worst spot at the whole conference…) – I still think that people got their times and money worth…

I had a lot of fun – although the german Google Quality / WebmasterCentral Team sent two guys over from dublin, to sit in my session and listen closely, totally runining my ability to show some great examples 🙂

But as most of Google´s employees, Mr. BanYouQuickly and Mr. KickYouFromMyIndex are really cool guys! (no, these are not their actual names, but I gotta respect their privacy on a blog like mine :-))
They even brought me over a present -> a pretty cool Google Shirt from the German WebmasterCentral Blog – check it out!
Thank you very much!
(btw. I don´t really want to revoke the paid-links debate again, but is that a paid link? :-))

Google Guys

7 Comments on "web2.0expo is a blast!"

  1. Fridaynite sagt:

    Huh – you are selling links to Google for a shirt? Where is the link to the webmaster console? I forgot it the last time.. 😉

  2. Oliver sagt:

    Thanx for the cool session, although the audience seemed a little sleppy. Might be due to the time of day…

  3. Evert sagt:

    Hey Marcus,
    Thanks again for the nice workshop. Actually the level of the audience was a bit low and sometimes they seemed a little bit shocked by your explicit speech.
    It’s a pity that Google even sends out two spies to hear you talking. I prepared a few questions, but with Google in the back I didn’t want to open my mouth! O, and thanks for the 20 euros 🙂 I’ll send you some beer for it.
    Thanks again,

  4. peter sagt:

    Any Chance to see the script from this session online?

  5. deleted… 😉

    sorry Paul, I was actually a little pissed that my presentation was accessible to the whole wide world, and not just to conference attendees, cause I already see some of those slides in presentations of 2nd class seo-agencys…

  6. I’m sorry! Thought the presentations were for public accessibility. My fault, was not in bad intention.

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