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Vodafone SuperAffiliates @ European Football Championship 2008

Vodafone just rocks my socks – after inviting their Top-Affiliates to Lappland, and on an AIDA cruise, they now invited us to Austria, to be part of the European Football Championship 2008 (for my US-Readers -> Football = Soccer 🙂 …)! What a great trip again! Although being a little short-stacked (only 10 people came along), it´s been more fun then ever! We were staying at a great hotel, right near Kloppeiner lake (which is right by the famous Wörthersee). We watched most of the games at the VIP lounge of the Fanzone Klagenfurt, had a nice trip to Slovenia, and partied with some famous football-players at Castle Wolfenstein Finkenstein – and last but not least had some great tickets for the (rather dissapointing) match Germany vs. Croatia! What a blast! Thank you so much again Vodafone & especially to my No.1 affiliate manager Andreas Schubert (you may recognize him, from his appearance at a recent episode of Webmasters on the Roof). Just get your ass up, and start promoting Vodafone – it´s not only the best affiliate program out there in the telecommunications-sector, you can also be part of the next Vodafone SuperAffiliate Experience! Don´t miss out on this great chance!

=> Check out the pictures over at FlickR!

These are my favourite ones:
Fussball EM Pic 1
Fussball EM Pic 2
Fussball EM Pic 3
Fussball EM Pic 4
(that´s actually my most favourite one 🙂 …)

I also got two videos up:
=> Austria celebrating the 1:1 penalty-kick goal vs. Poland (just to give you a glance at the atmosphere in the Fanzone Klagenfurt

=> Croatian fans everywhere – 30.000 croation football fans came to Klagenfurt to support their team!