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Vodafone just rocks my socks!

Last weekend Vodafone invited 10 of their affiliates to Dubai – what a freakin´ blast! It´s always the most fun, to go on tour with Vodafone, and it just keeps getting better! After a trip to Lappland, a cruise on the AIDA, a visit to the soccer european championship in Austria, this time the destination was Dubai! Vodafone got us pimped out suites at the amazing Mina A´Salam in the Jumeirah hotel complex, just a few steps from the only 7 star hotel in the world -> the Burj al Arab. We actually had an amazing Kobe steak dinner (!) at the Burj on our last night – fun times! Although I really gotta say, that the drinks are a bit pricy… even for spoiled SuperAfifiliates… when was the last time you dropped 2k for a round of drinks? :-)

The activity program was also pretty pimped out, and ranged from dune bashing in the dessert (check out the video of my scary driving :-) …), speed boating (which wasn´t as speedy as expected…) etc. etc. … everything besides sleeping. But who needs sleep, when you are in one of the most amazing citys of the world!

Thank you so much Vodafone (and especially Affiliate Manager of the Year Andreas Schubert, as well as nonstopConsulting) for inviting me to this awesome event! I really had a blast! If you´re not doing Affiliate for Vodafone yet -> get into the game! Check out their affiliate programm over at their designated affiliate page.

Wanna see more pictures? Head over to my FlickR account and check them out!

Dubai 2009 Pic 1
The whole crew

Dubai 2009 Pic 2
The Burj al Arab just barely visible in the morning mist

Dubai 2009 Pic 3
Affiliate Master of Desaster Jens and myself enjoying out Business Class Upgrade

Dubai 2009 Pic 4
Since Vodafone pays its employees so well, Schubi drove to Dubai with his new Lambo

Dubai 2009 Pic 5
The view from our awesome rooms at Mina A’Salam

Dubai 2009 Pic 6

7 Comments on "Vodafone just rocks my socks!"

  1. Fridaynite sagt:

    Sehr geil. Muss da auch mal hin. Ihr seht mir aber aus, also ob Ihr noch nie so viel Wasser zuvor in Eurem Leben getrunken habt.

  2. daeff sagt:

    Sehr geile Bilder, besonders das zweite ist ja hammer! Sandsturm oder Nebel?

    Btw: Hast du meine SMS bzgl. des RSS-Feed bekommen?

  3. Das nächste mal bin ich DABEI!!! :) Juhuuu!

  4. Manuel sagt:

    Sehr geiler pool! Muss ja eine ziemliche Hi-Tech Stadt sein…

  5. Patrick sagt:

    Auch von meiner Seite einen herzlichen Dank an Andreas und die super Truppe. Es war wie immer eine Freude mit Euch um die Häuser zu ziehen!!!

  6. Wow, echt geile Bilder. Echt der Wahnsinn, was der Andreas da immer auf die Beine stellt. Geile Sache.

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