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Viva Bahamas

I´m still on the Bahamas! With all those freaky cold & horrible weather reports for germany, I´m pretty happy to still be on paradise island at the moment 🙂

Although all my friends already left, and the weather being pretty cloudy the last couple of days… what´s to complain about? It´s the Bahamas, Baby 🙂

I´m especially happy, since I´ve been playing poker so long last week, that I didn´t get to see much around the island. There´s a lot of people, who just played in the poker tournament and flew home right after it… how stupid is that?! Flying so long, to basically sit in a horribly air conditioned room all the time, and playing poker, while there´s so much to see, and so much tanning to do 🙂

I finally uploaded some more pictures over at my FlickR account – check ´em out!

Here are a few of my favourite ones…

Bahamas Pic 1
Diving with the Dolphins – pretty incredible experience!

Bahamas Pic 2
Bahamas Pic 3
Boris Becker, being the new „german face“ of PokerStars also played in the EPT Poker Tournament (as well as TV Total´s Elton, who even made it to Day 2!)

Bahamas Pic 4
Bahamas Pic 5

But don´t think it´s just relaxing over here -> take a look what happened, when I was sleeping safe & sound over at the pool… 🙂