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Yeay -> 2008 is almost over, and all I can think about is my 2-week trip to the Bahamas, and the 10.000 dollar buy-in EPT Bahamas – Carribean Adventure poker tournament. Cross your fingers for me – I really can use every support I can get, against this highly competitive field!

When I come home, it´s almost time for our Webmasters on the Roof Hörertreffen! Can´t wait for this party to happen – it´s gonna rock big time!

Right after that I´m off to London for CAP London – go CAP! Then it´s time for „Mit Affiliate geht´s bergab“ – the Affiliates on snow superevent by the Affiliate-Eventmasters Jens & Markus! Unfortunatly probably the only time I´ll be able to be standing on my snowboard this year, since I´ll be flying off to Rio de Janeiro for SEO de Janeiro a few days later. Pretty busy first two months of 2009…

Regarding 2009, I just wanna make 3 quick SEOish predictions:

1) Eric Schmidt will be leaving Google

2) Google will drop pagerank from their toolbar (just another perfect way to combat link-buying & -selling)

3) SEO will get uber-competitive. In these financially crucial times, SEO (and therefore „free traffic„) will be on everybody´s mind. But you´ll also see a lot of even big companies turn to the wrong techniques and / or listen to the wrong SEO consultants. It´s incredible how many companies just don´t know what they´re doing, and rely on shady SEO techniques to artificially boost their rankings. But the worst part is -> they just really don´t know what they´re doing, and therefore don´t even know that there´s something wrong…
And now the real worst part -> there´re so many companies out there, who just give a fuck about their clients, and who will just blatantly buy crappy links (maybe even from russia *hint*) or shoot links from their own „link network“ (I truly hate that word!). That´s not how SEO is supposed to be done, and it´s pretty disrespectful to a client´s domain! But what are these companies supposed to do? Quality work and solid link ninja´ing seems almost impossible, when you´re only trying to amass new clients, and don´t got the equivalent workforce for all those sheep…

Uh, btw. Michael also got some pretty funny SEO predictions for 2009 – check it out! And while you´re at it, take a look at these little known link opportunities for 2009, or better -> the discussion going on on Sphinn (thanks Bas!).

Oh well, it´ll be a great new year 2009!

And now for something completly different – I got the new 15 inch MacBook Pro on monday – yeay 🙂
I finally decided to trash my Sony Vaio (Z series), which was my „working laptop“ on longer trips. I just love the new MacBook Pro – it´s just awesome!! So now I got 3 laptops I´m actually using -> my MacBook Pro for long trips, my MacBook Air for short trips (like my „just surfing the web“ laptop) and my little Sony Vaio UX, I´m actually not using a lot, but I just had to buy due to my heavy addiction to pretty gadgets 🙂
(yes, I also still use my Alienware desktop PC – it´s still my „main“ computer I´m using, the laptops are really just for travelling, which I do excessively, and working outside in the summer)

My Desktop

Please also note the ultra cool A4UExpo coffee mug – can´t wait for A4UExpo Amsterdam!

8 Comments on "Various ramblings"

  1. That’s a busy schedule for early 2009.

    I’m not sure about your first 2 predictions, but I definitely agree that SEO will be more competetive during 2009!

    I wish you all the best for 2009, Marcus!

  2. mediadonis sagt:

    Thanks Eduard!
    All the best for 2009 to you too!!

  3. Flo sagt:

    Yo Marcus, guaden Rutsch!
    Das neue MacBook is mal richtig geil, hab auch schon damit rumspielen können.
    Viel Erfolg beim Pokern und bis zum Hörertreffen.

  4. Have fun Marcus, talk to you soon (and a lot this year 😉 )!

    On your predictions: you sure you mean Schmidt? Apparently its Marissa Mayer who will go first…

  5. Rolf sagt:

    lol, die zwei medionpcs vorne lol lol lol

  6. mediadonis sagt:

    „zwei medionpcs“ ??
    Muss man das verstehen?
    Aber nett, dass er sich so darüber amüsiert 🙂

  7. Yarik sagt:

    Ich stimme mit Sistrix, dass Google den PageRank aus der Toolbar nicht raus wirft, trotz der Tatsache, dass vor einigen Jahren Google hat versprochen, dies zu tun.

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