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Unreasonable Idiocracy!

I´m sitting at the airport in dusseldorf at the moment, waiting for my flight back to munich. I´m on my way back from the Infect09 conference – but the infect09 will be the subject of another post!

Right now, I just gotta rant a little about dusseldorf airport!

First let me make clear, that as being a frequent flyer, I totally support every security check the flight industry is forcing upon us! But what just happened to me, is just pushing it a little too far…

The guy from the security check just confiscated my 110 gramm pot of Paul Mitchell hair wax, I carried along in my hand luggage (since I was travelling light with just a small carry-on). The tube itself was about 3/4 full, so let´s say, there was about 85 gramms of wax still in the pot. He told me, that I was only allowed to carry 100 gramms of that kind of stuff, and it doesn´t actually count, what´s left in the pot, since apparently the label on the pot (stating 110 gramms of content) determines wether I can take it onboard a plane (how stupid is that by itself??). I was pretty upset, since it´s a 40 dollar pot of hair wax, so I argued a little… then he told me, that I could either check it in (actually I would have loved to see the face of the check-in lady, if I would check in that pretty small pot…) OR – and now it´s gets ridiculous – can scratch out the wax out of the pot into a smaller pot, which I could get at the airport pharmacy. He told me, that since there´s not more then 100 gramms left, I could then bring it along in the smaller pot… WTF ?!?!?!?!?

So you´re telling me, that I could bring along the exact same amount of hair wax, if I would only scratch it out, and put it into a smaller pot… WTF ?!?!? Only because it´s says on the pot, that there used to be 110 gramms inside??? You really gotta be fucking kiddin´ me!!

Needless to say, that I travelled with that exact pot of hair wax for at least 10 flights so far, and never had anyone even saying a single word about it…

So again – don´t get me wrong – I support all kinds of security checks, since I wanna fly savely back home, and I couldn´t care less about having to dump a 40 dollar pot of hair wax… but this reasoning is just plain out ridiculous!!

21 Comments on "Unreasonable Idiocracy!"

  1. Astrid sagt:

    Can’t help thinking of scrubs at the moment 😉

  2. Greg Powell sagt:

    This is pretty wacko. So if the substance was something else and weighed 210 that’s cool because the bottle says so? Not very progressive…

    How was the conference?

  3. Seo Prakti sagt:

    Same thing happened to me at Stuttgart Airport three weeks ago, but being a hardcore Schwabe i actually went to the Pharmacy and got one of these small bottles, almost missing my flight to Berlin .. and with me it was a just 18 bucks of Wella HighHair =D

  4. Ditto! sagt:

    That just sucks! It sounds like plain stupidity if you ask me! When the dude looked inside he could have freakin‘ seen that it’s harmless!

    While we’re on the security subject, check this out

  5. paul savage sagt:

    i think there is a great opportunity in the market to produce labels that say 100ml.

    It sucks but them are the rules.

    A chemist friend who does bomb things says to make these types of bombs would take a lot more than 100ml with special temp and pressure .


  6. Andy sagt:

    @paul: This is great idea – distribution channel would be the Airport Stores.

  7. lars sagt:

    So you’ve been a victim of German ‚Gründlichkeit‘ 😉

  8. Matt sagt:

    That hurts my brain.

  9. Unfortunately these guys @7euros per hours just follow their rules.
    Product Managers have to follow ! That’s Germany

  10. Konrad sagt:

    Can’t say I agree with your „rant“. While it certainly may have been frustrating for you and may seem a bit peculiar at first, there really is no viable alternative to going off of the product labels. The only other option would be to individually weight each item, which anyone should realize would be ridiculously inefficient. So yes, having the same amount in a different container does make all the difference in this case.

    I mean there is certainly a lot of regulations in the airline industry that make no sense at all, and only create the perception of safety, but in this case they’ve actually come up with a practical solution. It’s pretty much a case of no other approach being viable.

  11. Sebastian sagt:

    Funny story!!! Last year I forgot a 16cm long office scissor in my laptop bag and nobody (incl. me) noticed it since I had a drunken dude right in front of me creating some trouble.
    You can imagine….scared the hell out of me, when I noticed the scissor in my bag right after the security check.

  12. Probably it´s better to scratch off the paint, where it says „110 grams“. How would they know it´s over 100 grams?

    To add insult to injury, I thought the rule is 100 ML (mililiter), not 100 grams?

    If the density of hair wax is higher than water (is it?) than your 110 grams would have a volume of LESS than 110 ml, thus, you had to throw away your product for a difference of less than 10 ml…

    By the way, on one flight I had to ditch my zip-bag with tooth paste and other liquids because it had a volume of 1.2 Liters and get a new one with a volume of 1 Liter.
    Needless to say, nobody in the world normally would be able to tell the difference just by looking at it…

  13. Michael sagt:

    Hatte dasselbe Problem am Flughafen von Marseille, als ich versucht habe Kontaktlinsen-Reiniger zu „schmuggeln“.

  14. Stefan sagt:

    -> 100ml Gel in die Haare schmieren
    -> die Security blöd Fragen ob sie das Zeug immer noch konfiszieren wollen
    -> durch die Kontrolle gehen
    -> Zeug aus den Haaren kratzen und zurück in die Dose befördern

    Eklig aber effektiv 🙂

  15. MontiMan sagt:

    Nun immerhin haben sie Dich nicht abgeführt und als Terrorist beschimpft nur weil Du einen Intel-Atom-Aufkleber auf dem Laptop hast.

    Was passiert eigentlich wenn man mit einer 5-Liter Flasche kommt auf der 50 ml steht? Ob ich das probieren sollte?

  16. weblike sagt:

    the same shit annoying every time at my flights through germany! 🙁

  17. Olaf sagt:

    Was führst Du denn für komische Sachen im Flieger mit? Haargel? Und der „SEO Prakti“ nimmt Wella High Hair mit? Das klingt mir nach Utensilien, welche die Teilnehmerinnen an einer Tupper Party üblicherweise mitführen ;-).

  18. peterK sagt:

    Has the world gone absolutey mad? Unbelievable!

  19. Tim sagt:

    I actually also use Paul Mitchel wax and can just give u a hint. They also sell a smaller 75g pack as well and i never had a problem with that .. even in my home port Düsseldorf. But yes, these security guys can be just unbelievable idiots.

    Cheers, Tim

  20. Profo sagt:

    I guess I’m lucky and seem to get away with a little admonishment. Stunner: a lady just behind me wasn’t allowed to take her cream cheese sandwiches. Because cream cheese is kind of fluid and needs to be bagged. Well…

  21. dennis sagt:

    i had the same problem with a 250ml nivea creme tin at munich airport. nearly empty, just for one more facelift. unbelievable. it’s a european rule for lemmings – perfectly for german bureaucracy. hua.

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