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I know I haven´t posted anything in quite a while, but I´ve been kinda busy. I don´t really got anything important to say, but this is what´s currently floating around in my mind…

1) I got a new phone -> The new Palm Treo 750v! Great phone! I´ve been an avid nokia communicator freak for the last decade, having had the last 3 series, always buying the new series as soon as it hit the streets! But now I figured it´s time for a change, and so I finally abandoned nokia and got the new treo! And unlike my short escapade with a sharp phone 3 years ago (it had a 2 megapixel camera!), which turned out to be like a bad one-night-stand with a girl that was looking quite pretty after lots of beer, but not so pretty any more the morning after… I´m really happy with the treo! So if you´re about to get a new phone, go take a look at it!

2) Is Matt on the verge of leaving Google? I read a post at DaveN´s Blog today which got me thinking a little… actually I heard that rumor too quite a while ago (I don´t really remember from whom) – what do you guys think? It´s amazing what has happened in the last couple of years, from the first appearance of google guy in webmasterworld forums, to an armada of cuttlets running around at conferences helping webmasters in need. Adam and Vanessa are more and more filling in Matt´s place on podiums and blogs, so Matt could pretty easy step back a little more, or even leave Google… I think Matt´s leaving google in 2007 to open up a SEO company 🙂

3) There´ve been more and more reports on problems with GMail. Quad seems to have some issues with his account, and Philipp is even reporting, that 60 users lost all of their GMail emails and contacts! That is so f**** scary! As some of you know I use GMail as my main email adress! I just love the GMail GUI and usability! But what freaks me out the most, is that there is no possibility of backing your stuff up! No .zip download, no nothing. Or does anybody know of something to back up your GMail account?

4) Some more miscellaneous stuff:

– Screw WII Sports – I want this game -> watch the Video
– Need SEO Training? (Thanks to Michael)
– Will this be the new eminem? And where does Shawn find weird stuff like this all the time? 🙂

And this is for everybody, who doesn´t read Weird Asia News yet! Read that blog – it´s the most hillarious daily source of funny stuff -> here are the 10 weirdest posts of 2006!
(I just love that Russian Roulette for Kids Game :-))

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