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This&That Part III – The Return of the This&That

Welcome to another edition of this&that:

First of all, the probably best news of the day -> I´m going to become an uncle!!! My sister Daniela just called me, telling me that she is pregnant!! Great Stuff Daniela and Rüdi – I wish you nothing but the best!

The second best news is, that starting tomorrow my company, the CIA (which I run with my congenial partner Pascal aka TikToor) will have a new intern! The XMan, man of mystery and supreme coding ability, will join us! Coming all the way from cologne, we´re extremly happy we got him on our team now! Welcome to the force Kid!

And finally, please don´t forget to sign up for the awesome Abakus PubCon 2007, which will take place on the 4th of may in hannover! Last year, the Abakus PubCon was one of the best events I´ve been on the whole year (and definetly the best one I´ve been to in germany!) – I think almost 95% of all german SEOs will be there, which makes it THE place to be if you wanna be serious about this business!

Oh, and there´s one more thing -> I just had my first frontpage story on digg: „The Beginning of the Internet“ (great Video!) – I´m not a virgin anymore 🙂