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This & That

A few quick things, I would like to redirect your attention too…
First of all -> Happy Birthday Jeremy!! You don´t know who da hell I´m talking about – don´t worry, him and his congenial partner Greg of PokerAffiliatePrograms will be on our Webmasters on the Roof show next week live from CAP Spring Break in beautiful cyprus! Yeaw!

The other Jeremy aka ShoeMoney asked quite a bunch of people „What is your definition of SEO“ – my answer was „The practice and methods of improving a website´s ranking in the organic results of searchengines.“ – any german defintion anyone? With SEO getting mixed up sooo often in german internet-wannabe magazines & newspapers it would be kinda cool to find a good german definition actually!

And my good buddy Sebastian got some nice pics of a real killer-map-application (called Edushi) – sweet!!

Why I sound so happy today? I bought myself a new watch! The iF product design award winning & watch of the year 2008 Porsche Design´s P6750 Worldtimer – I love it!! I was actually never a big watch guy, but this baby freaking rocks!

3 Comments on "This & That"

  1. mj sagt:

    I read your answer on shoemoney already, short and simple. I liked Quadzilla’s. Hilarious.
    My 2 cents in German: SEO ist die Optimierung der Seitenstruktur und der Attraktivität von Inhalten um in Suchmaschinen ein höchst mögliches, organisches Ranking zu erlangen.
    Cheers from Budapest

  2. olli sagt:

    the watch looks neat! nice catch but i would never ever exchange it for my breitling cosmonaute 🙂 i think it matches pretty nice with your card – if you paint the watch blue…

  3. Jeremy Enke sagt:

    Thanks for the birthday shout out Markus. I’m looking forward to tearing it up in Cyprus with you next week. Likewise, looking forward to getting on the roof! The show will definitely not disappoint!


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