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The Twitterati & The Terrorists

My buddy Ciaran blogged something pretty incredible today -> „When Twitter Becomes A Liability

Apparently the BBC twittert ->
1108 Indian government asks for live Twitter updates from Mumbai to cease immediately. “ALL LIVE UPDATES – PLEASE STOP TWEETING about #Mumbai police and military operations,” a tweet says.

…why? Ciaran suspects

Looking at the results for Mumbai on Twitter Search it’s not immediately obvious why the Indian Government would ask people to stop Tweeting but it’s not hard to guess. Let’s say that they’ve cleared out the area around one of the hotels and are about to launch an attack – an eagle eyed hostage, or rather one of the people holed up in their room, spots the commandos moving in and posts a Tweet about it. What if the terrorists are following Twitter too?

That is pretty huge! Read the article, it´s well worth it! Great job Ciaran!

This article is also pretty interesting along this topic.

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