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The new Playboy Wiesn Playmate is crowned!

AnnaAs some of you already know, Anna, the girlfriend of one of my best friends, is the new Playboy Wiesn-Playmate („Wiesn“ is a bavarian expression for the Oktoberfest)! She was featured in todays BILD newspaper (BILD is the No.1 tabloid in germany) on page 8, and will be on tomorrows frontpage – so watch out!

You can also take a look at her little photo-diary over at – but beware, she´s kinda nude in most of the pictures (hey, what did you expect of playboy? :-))

Only 9 more days till the start of Oktoberfest – I can´t wait! And this year it will be even better, partying with the official Wiesn-Playmate and her Playmate Friends at the opening of the Oktoberfest (O´Zapft is!!!). So if you´re in town at the 22nd of september give me a call 🙂

Btw. if you want to see some non-nude pictures of Anna – check out my new photoalbum on FlickR I just uploaded, of our trip to the Horserace in Iffezheim 2 weeks ago (we finished 3rd to last… so, don´t ask, why I didn´t really blog about it…) – great times 🙂

6 Comments on "The new Playboy Wiesn Playmate is crowned!"

  1. Florian sagt:

    I would say, a lot of social proof for you on 22nd of september! 😉 The Party is with you, so have a great time!

  2. N` sagt:

    Kann die sich keinen Rasierer für „untenrum“ leisten?
    Is ja widerlich.

  3. Ricardo sagt:

    @Florian… oh, nen PUA hier ;P

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