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The Hyves Hype!

It really sounds strange, but mysteriously it just works…

At the moment, it´s possible to check if a domain got penalized for selling links (or lost pagerank due any other kind of malicious activity).
The only thing you gotta do is put „hyves“ as a subdomain in front of the domain to be checked.


It´s important that hyves is no existing subdomain of that peticular domain, otherwise it won´t work!

You will now get one of three different results for the pagerank of this non-existent subdomain -> PR7, PR4 and PR0.

PR7 means that the domain is perfectly fine
PR4 means that the domain got penalized by google
PR0 means that the domain got banned in Google

It´s really totally weird, but all the domains I checked had the right result! And all of my friends had a 100% accurate results too! I seriously have no idea, why this works, but apparently it does…

Check for example:

-> (PR 4 – Clearly selling links under „Supporters“, and lost Pagerank lately)

-> (PR 4 – Clearly selling links under „Partners“, and lost Pagerank lately)

-> (PR 7 – Clearly not selling links 🙂 …)

It really works with every domain I know that lost pagerank due to link-selling over here in germany… so weird!!

So check it fast, cause I think that this thing, for whatever reason it works, won´t work much longer, now that´s it´s public 🙂

Thanks to Bastian, Torsten and Mario!

UPDATE: Apparently it´s not working anymore! All sites are returning a PR0 at the moment. Pretty strange, right? I mean -> if it was bullshit or some kind of hoax, why was Google so incredibly fast to make it not work anymore… 🙂