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The bachelor and the drunken posse

What a weekend… King Pepper Kris celebrated his bachelor party here in Vegas – what a fucking blast!!
On friday the whole posse arrived in Vegas, so I had to move 2 hotels down the strip, from the Flamingo, where I stayed for the last 3 weeks, to the awesome Venetian. Aaron booked 4 nice suites for the whole gang – nice :-)

On friday night we went to Prime at the Bellagio, to get some great food as a nice fundament to be able to drink more. Then we headed of to TAO at the Venetian, which is definetly the hottest club around Vegas at the moment! I just remember getting to bed at about 6 o´clock :-)
Aaron, Dave and me played a little roulette at about 4:30… thanks to Dave´s great roulette instincts we all started off pretty well (although I gotta admit, I didn´t gamble as much as those both guys) and Aaron went to bed with about 1.5k more cash in his pockets – great ending to a great night!

On saturday we mixed it up a little, storming MIX on top of the Mandalay Bay. I´ve never been to Mandalay Bay before, and I was quite impressed by the awesome view, which almost tops the view of Ghostbar and Playboy Club on top of the Palms! And since we´re on a bachelor party, our journey continued to the one and only Spearmint Rhino, which is definetly the best stripclub in Vegas! I don´t want to spill any details, just be assured we had a great time there :-)
(just a quick hat tip to Dirty Devin:-) )

Thanks so much Kris for the invite, I really had a great time hanging out with you and your friends! I can´t wait for the wedding!!

Before I´ll leave you off with some pictures and videos, here are the top 5 things overheard at Kris Bachelor Bash:

1) “Do you know where they sell cowboy gear around here?”
2) “I´d like 2 midgets and a donkey!”
3) “Let´s have a round of douchebags!”
4) “He´s a 21-year old virgin – be gentle”
5) “If he says anything, just tell him to shut up and grab your breasts!”

Kris Bachelor Bash Las Vegas Pic 1
Kris Bachelor Bash Las Vegas Pic 2
Kris Bachelor Bash Las Vegas Pic 3
Kris Bachelor Bash Las Vegas Pic 4
Kris Bachelor Bash Las Vegas Pic 5
Kris Bachelor Bash Las Vegas Pic 6
Kris Bachelor Bash Las Vegas Pic 7

And here 2 short videos at TAO

5 Comments on "The bachelor and the drunken posse"

  1. Also irgendwie scheinen die Damen in der Badewanne recht spärlich bekleidet zu sein oder ist das nur die Videoqualität, die das so erscheinen läßt ;-)

  2. madlorick sagt:

    Very nice! Du hast ein Leben Marcus…

  3. Kris Jones sagt:


    It was a blast having you in Vegas – it wouldn’t have been the same without you!

    See you in PA in less than two weeks.


  4. PromoMasters sagt:

    Hi Stiffmaster Marcus,

    immer wieder muss ich bemerken, dass uns der gleiche Typ Frau gefällt du aber immer dort bist wo die auch sind udn ich im Büro. Irgendwas mach ich falsch. Grüße, Mike

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