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Take up the SEO Scavenger Hunt challenge to win the LAST ticket for SEOktoberfest VI

It´s only 21 days till SEOktoberfest! For the 6th time (!) already SEOktoberfest will take place at Munich´s famous Oktoberfest. All tickets for this years event are long gone and there´re over 80 people on the waiting list for a ticket. All 50 tickets of our annual SEOktoberfest Charity BBQ are long gone as well – we managed to raise the incredible amount of 44.132 Euros(!) for charity this year #WOW

But there´s a LAST chance for a ticket to SEOktoberfest – the annual SEO Scavenger Hunt by LinkResearchTools!

The SEO Scavenger Hunt is the ONLY chance to win the LAST ticket to this years SEOktoberfest! And it´s not only a SEOktoberfest Ticket you´re competing for! LinkResearchTools is pitching in 5 nights in a munich hotel (which is a pain during Oktoberfest in munich…) and 1.000 Euro extra travel budget to get you to munich! A pretty kick-ass first prize:

  • Full SEOktoberfest Ticket (€ 5.000 value)
  • 5 nights in a munich hotel (€ 1.115 value)
  • Extra travel budget (€ 1.000 value)

All in all a 7.115 Euro first prize value (approx. $9.000)!

2nd prize is a 12 months LinkResearchTools Superhero account (€ 3.690 value) and 3rd prize is a 6 months Superhero account (€ 1.845 value).

The SEO Scavenger Hunt for the last ticket to SEOktoberfest starts this thursday, September 5th at 6pm CEST (GMT+2)! The results will be announced on September 7th!

The SEO Scavenger Hunt is made up of 10 typically SEO related tasks that you have to solve and answer as quickly as possible. Here are the rules for this years Scavenger Hunt.

You can also check out what happened last year. 712 people signed up for last years SEO Scavenger Hunt, and over 500 people competed in the challenge for the last ticket to last years event, which was won by Stefan Juhl from Denmark. Stefan needed only 32 minutes last year to answer all 10 questions (average time was slightly over one hour!).

Here´s what Stefan thinks about winning a ticket to SEOktoberfest last year:

Stefan Juhl

"Becoming part of the SEOktoberfest group of people with their incredible wealth of knowledge and attending what is definitely the top SEO event is simply priceless! So I’m obviously really happy that I won the SEO Scavenger Hunt and got to take part in all this."

Stefan Juhl, Signalzoo

It speaks volumes that Stefan bought a ticket for this years event (he´s a featured attendee), after winning his ticket last year. This year we have 18 allumni attendees coming back, 4 (!) of which have been to every single SEOktoberfest event (+ the one-time SEO de Janeiro SEOktoberfest spin-off in 2009).

I´m curious how many people will compete this year and who will be the last person to join our little SEO ThinkTank this year!

Take your chance and compete in this years SEO Scavenger Hunt – it´s free, it´s fun and it´s only going to take one hour max. This event can change your professional life!

Good luck everyone!