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Surprise, I´m a huge BlackHat!

On of Tobsn´s friends called me out on doing the illegal practice of cookie-stuffing on our Webmasters on the Roof blog… uh, big hit!

The real reason behind it, was actually that I wanted to give my good buddy Shoemoney a clean link on his AuctionAds Project (when he was on our show last year) , but still get the referrals for the SignUps via our show (which I think is legitimate, since we promoted it). I just forgot all about it, and didn´t delete the iFrame – big deal!

It´s so funny calling me out on that – especially since it´s only been AuctionAds. If I´d really wanted to do that, why not spread something people over here in germany really use like eBay?? Would have been smarter, but apparently I´m not only a filthy blackhat, I´m also stupid 🙂

Here´s what I made with this „illegal blackhat technique“ ->

AuctionAds Statistics

Looks like overall, I´m a pretty shitty BlackHat making only 5 dollars with it… 🙂

Well, my point here is, that it gets more and more frustrating the last couple of month… my co-host FridayNite and myself to Webmasters on the Roof just for fun, earning nothing, with the pure intend to give something back to the SEO-community we love so much! We´re really trying hard to make a good show every week, finding interesting guests and just make something worthwhile for our listeners. But with the growing success of our show, the list of enviers gets longer and longer, with people trying to find our stuff (and in FridayNites case even hack his stuff!). Sure the fictious character of the Mediadonis was intended to be polarizing and controversial, but that some people get so over-agitated by this is just ridiculous! I´m still a strong believer of „live and let live“, and I would never even think of using a spam-report on someone else, no matter how much this guy would annoy me – we´re all part of the same ecosystem, and should just get along!

It´s really sad, we should think about shutting down Webmasters on the Roof overall, since it´s just not worth it jeopardizing our business, especially since we don´t earn shit with Webmasters on the Roof! But I just don´t wanna back down, and let some enviers win, over all the other webmasters who actually like our show (and with over 12.000 listeners every week, there should be at least some, who really like it 🙂 …).

So it´s really your call!

Da ich gleich los muss, habe ich mal die Kommentare deaktiviert, da hier dauernd irgendwelche Schmierfinken irgendnen Scheiß rein-commenten.