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Strange Digg tactics

I came across a video on Digg called „Hitlers Ultimate Downfall„. It got 1.239 Diggs and reached the front page for Digg Videos 6 hours after its submission. The Video has almost 600.000 Views by now, so I´m safe to say it´s been a pretty good digg-action by this guy Chris Bowley (just take a look at all those YouTube Honors this thing got).

But the video is TOTAL CRAP!! For anyone speaking german, who can actually understand what´s said in this scene from „Der Untergang„, it´s really not that funny (despite the fact, I don´t think the subtitles aren´t pretty funny in the first place…). It´s really amazing, that this simple merely funny subtitled movie-scene got hyped like this… ?! And it gets even better – there´s a second video, and it´s the exact same scene, and again just merely funny subtitled… again almost 500.000 views on YouTube! And even the chinese Version (WTF???) got almost 44.000 views.

Lesson learnt? If you wanna get on the frontpage of Digg – just take any foreign movie-scene, subtitle it with something about linux, macintosh (maybe the iPhone), anti-microsoft – there you go! Get the links, rinse and repeat 🙂