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Still still alive!

You guys do a hell lot of fingers-crossing -> I really made it through day 2 and most importantly in the money!! 102 players are left in the field, and 17.500 dollars for me are already for sure! I start the day tomorrow with about 113.000 in chips – not great, but alright, considering I was already up to 200.000 and had to take some hits…
Thanks so much for all you guys rooting for me!
I need to sleep now… :-)

6 Comments on "Still still alive!"

  1. Mike sagt:

    Hi Marcus, Congratulations! Weiter so damit wir dich als Frischgebackenen Poker Millionär am WotRSOP feiern können! Mike

  2. Wowbagger sagt:

    Good job Marcus. Keep on going – i keep my fingers crossed!

  3. Eriktechn sagt:

    Du hast ein neues Krankheitsbild geschaffen: RSI by crossing fingers for Marcus. ;)

  4. Tom sagt:

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch und viel Erfolg bei Day#3 *crossing fingers*

  5. quadszilla sagt:

    Sweeeeet! Time to consider auctioning off what shirt you will wear at the final table.

    I Bid $500 for the Google Bowling Shirt!

  6. sy sagt:

    all in buddy, we in at iVietnamlive are counting on you to win!

    your buddy at NhaTrangLive

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