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Stay on top of your wordpress optimization efforts!

My good buddy Joost, the WordPress PlugIn Guru, just started a WordPress plugins and SEO mailing list! Pretty unusual, as I would publish everything on my blog, rather then just sending it out via eMail – but, it´s gonna be pretty good I guess, since Joost is definitely one of the best wordpress optimization experts out there, and a crazy plugIn coder as well! He promises:

* Info on new cool plugins I’ve come across or have coded myself
* SEO tips for WordPress
* Speed optimization tips for WordPress
* Tips and tricks for increasing the conversation on and the community around your blog

So get over there and sign up! 🙂

5 Comments on "Stay on top of your wordpress optimization efforts!"

  1. The Inspector sagt:

    You forgot point 5:

    * Spam you’ll get from those who I sold your mail address

    So please, get over and sign up 😉

    The Inspector

  2. Hey, I will never sell your e-mail address 🙂 Thx for reminding me of putting that on the sign up page!

  3. The Inspector sagt:

    Yeah, that say all the guys 😉

    The Inspector

  4. Ehm well if I did, you could sue me, me living in the Netherlands, and thus being subjected to European law.

  5. The things you just don’t think of. Many thanks.

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