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Speaking at web2.0 Expo Berlin

I will be speaking at the O´Reilly web2.0 Expo in Berlin on the 5th of november – that will be a blast! The web2.0 Expo is, like SES and SMX, a roadshow kinda conference, which was held in San Francisco in April, und continue in Tokyo right after the berlin show.

I´ll be speaking on the first day of the conference in the „Marketing & Community“ Track on „Trends in Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing“ – it´s a 3 hour (!) session, so prepare for some serious input 🙂

I´m really honoured to speak at that fabulous conference (thanks Philipp), alongside Michael Arrington (TechCrunch), Tariq Krim (NetVibes), Bill Tancer (Hitwise), Neil Holloway (Microsoft) and Tim O’Reilly! What a lineup!! And especially for Berlin! Normally you´d have to travel to a conference in the states, to catch those people live in action – but O`Reilly gets them over to germany! So sign up 🙂