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Speaking at the University of Darmstadt

Hochschule Darmstadt LogoMy good buddy and T-Online´s SEO Bitch Inhouse SEO Jens is conducting a student research project about SEO in cooperation with with the department of information science
at the university of applied sciences in darmstadt! For the third time already, this research project is currently going on, and with 6 semester periods per week, it´s not an easy walkthrough! Pretty great idea, since SEO is really not something you´ll usually find getting taught at a university, but still one of the most exciting arts in online-marketing!

So I´m more then honoured to announce, that I´ll be a part of this great project! On the 5th of may I´ll be speaking at that class – yaay! This is not only cool, because I always wanted to be speaking at a university, it´s also pretty need, since it´s Darmstadt, the town I was born and raised! So thanks a lot Jens, for this great opportunity!

Are you from Darmstadt or the Frankfurt Region? You´re more then welcome to come and join us for this special class! Just contact Jens! Since I´ll be staying over night we´ll definetly do a little „roundtable“ afterwards (Löwenherz´s been buggin me about that anyways… 🙂 …). See ya in Darmstadt!