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Speaking at SMX Stockholm tomorrow

SMX Stockholm LogoThe daily grind at Oktoberfest has taken it´s toll – I got a pretty hefty cold… But SMX Stockholm is starting today, and I´ll be speaking there tomorrow on „Link Building Outside of the Box“ alongside my swedish buddy Simon Sundén. I got a pretty cool „12 Advanced Linkbuilding Tips“ presentation prepared, and if anyone there knows all these 12 beans I´m spilling, I´ll be shocked 🙂
No, the presentation will never see the light of slideshare, so don´t bother asking 🙂

I´ll also sit down on the „SEO Check Up“ panel alongside Alan Webb of Abakus (oh well, he´s not german, but at least there´s someone who won´t be making fun of me in swedish 🙂 …), and Google Search Quality Analyst Jonas Voss – so I guess that´s going to be a pretty interesting SEO Check Up session!

SMX Stockholm has really been a blast last year, and I´m really happy I got invited back – really looking forward to meet a lot of new people – Sweden rocks!