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Speaking at SMX Paris

SMX Paris LogoI can´t speak a single word in french (ok ok, there´s „merci“ and the one sentence, I think everyone knows 🙂 …), so when SMX conference organizer fairy Sandra asked me about speaking at SMX Paris, I declined… But she finally got me convinced, and my girl Beccy agreed to be my personal translator for the trip 🙂

Well, I always love to speak at conferences in foreign countries, especially when I never spoke there before (I think France will be the 10th foreign country, I speak about search at).

So I´ll be one of the only non-french speakers at SMX Paris. I´ll be speaking on the „Les indicateurs de classement SEO en 2011“ panel, which probably roughly translates to „Ranking Factors 2011“ – a topic I´m always keen on speaking on. I´ll also sit on the „Au-delà du « Linkbuilding » habituel“ panel, which hopefully has to do something with Linkbuilding – well, it just sounds awesome 🙂

So if you live in France, and have never been to a SMX show – you should definetly check it out! It´s SMX´s first stop in France, and we´ll give our best to make it a great kickoff show, and worth your while!