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Some stuff I stumbled upon…

My buddy BanYouQuickly of the german search quality team just pinged me about this video-interview with his big boss Matt Cutts over at the german webmastercentral-blog. Good stuff, although there´s nothing really new… but what else would Matt possibly want to share anyways 🙂

A bit more interesting is this video over at TechCrunch titled „Is this the Future of Search“, showing google serps with a digg-like button, to vote certain results up or down. Actually a pretty good idea indeed, to get a direct user feedback, BUT there will be loads of users, who just don´t want to interact, and just click on the links. Also, this voting happens before you click on a link, therefore the voting is just influenced by the snippet, and not by the actual result, cause lots of sites may have a crappy snippet, but still host the desired content! So people would have to backpedal to the search results page after they found what they were looking for, and I guess that´s not gonna happen all that often… So in my opinion, it´s a nice addon, but far from being the holy grail of search quality.

Oh, and while we´re talking about Google ranking – check out this article over at the official Google Blog about the Technologies behind Google ranking! Great writeup by Amit Singhal – a MUST read!

And last but not least -> Congratulations to Bill, who´s about get married!!! I guess we´ll be celebrating this in San Jose next month 🙂