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Snow, Sun and the biggest Dieter Bohlen Fan

I just got back from the great affiliate ski-event „Mit Affiliate geht es denn Berg runter“ at Wildkogel / Austria. Like always, well organized (thanks a lot Markus & Jens) and with about 40 online-marketing crazy people from all over germany just loads of fun! I´m not even gonna start mentioning people, so everybody just feel mentioned & linked too 🙂

Here are some pictures:

Affiliate Skievent Pic 1
Affiliate Skievent Pic 2
Affiliate Skievent Pic 3
Affiliate Skievent Pic 4

And yes, the rumors are true – we probably found the one and only self-proclaimed biggest fan of eurotrash Dieter Bohlen! You don´t believe me? Just take a look at our innkeepers tattoo:

Affiliate Skievent Pic 5
(That´s no joke – it´s a real tattoo!! Dieter Bohlen actually signed his head, and he tattooed it!)

Oh, and I also got a video of the great view at our ski lodge:

More pictures over at FridayNite