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SMX Munich rocked!

Just a quick SMX MUNICH ROCKED almost-weekend-post…
It just really did!
If you´re one of the probably really few people, that missed out Webmasters on the Roof AllStars Panel LiveShow on WebmasterRadio, you can check it out here (it was mostly english, so no need for a german dictionary). The panel was really fun, and by far one of the best shows we ever had! Thanks so much to my congenial partner FridayNite, and the WotR AllStars Rand, Bob, Mikkel and Johannes for helping us out! And a big thanks to Alexander, Matthew & Sandra Finlay, for letting us broadcast live from SMX! You guys rock!!

SMX Munich Pic 1

The SMX SearchBash, which was co-hosted by the Webmaters on the Roof was also loads of fun, although at first only Rand and the lovely MysteryGuest hit the dance-floor, to dance to the special guest DJ-set of Bob “TerrorOnTheDancefloor” Rains.

SMX Munich Pic 2

Everybody seemed to have liked the party… well, everybody besides maybe this guy, who looks pretty scared (well, Bob is pretty scary :-) …) -> check it out:

SMX Munich Pic 3

Alexander did a great Recap, with a pretty unique twist -> it´s the top 77 Tweets during SMX! Great idea! Also make sure to check out Flo´s and Pascal´s recaps! (More recaps pouring in -> SEODeluxe, Tekka, Stefan, Eric and the Nerd in Skirt)

Oh, and if you´re an avid collector of Mediadonis Memorabilia – check out what Paul snatched at the Party :-)

See ya all next year!!

(Thanks to the awesome pictures to Simon )

7 Comments on "SMX Munich rocked!"

  1. bob rains sagt:

    Dear God that dude in the last pic is frightening. I’ll try and get you a link from the tracks I played at the party so you can post it here.

  2. Scared Look … I just had to take it ;-)
    SMX 2009 was a great event and I really
    enjoxed the Webmasters on the Roof Session
    and the bash.

    Stay tuned for more happy days …

  3. paul savage sagt:

    Great party and great talks. Sadly I was only able to make 2 of the talks on the 2nd day, but it was still really great to see such a high level speakers in Munich

    btw. Current bid on the items is $30.


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