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SES San Jose Pics & Links

Finally I got some pics up from SES San Jose! It´s been a real blast – like always :-)
Here are my favourite pics – you can find the rest over at my FlickR account

SES San Jose 2008 Pic 1
My good buddies Greg (who just launched the greatest Local Search) & Shoemoney (I actually stole this one from Marcus´ Blog)

SES San Jose 2008 Pic 2
Daron SEGuru Babin, Founder of WebmasterRadio.FM & Webmasters on the Roof Producer Brasco

SES San Jose 2008 Pic 3
Shoemoney & Patrick Sexton shakin´ it

SES San Jose 2008 Pic 4
Manny & Marcus

SES San Jose 2008 Pic 5
Aaron Wall & Loren Baker of Search Engine Journal Journal don´t like gettin´ photographed

SES San Jose 2008 Pic 6
Our bigass huge yellow hummer limo for our SEO Rockstar´ish appearance at Google Dance (oh, I even got a video of our Hummer limo experience – watch it here!)

SES San Jose 2008 Pic 7
Me and Jan sporting our Lederhosens @Google Dance for a little SEOktoberfest Promotion

And here´s my favourite picture ->
I know, I´m not very tall, but in Size 48 pants at the big&tall store, I look even more like a german hobbit :-)
SES San Jose 2008 Pic 8

For more german coverage of SES San Jose surf over to Marcus, Pascal or the German Cowboys

8 Comments on "SES San Jose Pics & Links"

  1. Flo sagt:

    lol die Hose is der Abschuss :D

  2. Loren sagt:

    It’s Loren, not Lauren. That’s a chick name.

  3. mediadonis sagt:

    Hehe – sorry Loren! I actually just mailed Lauren while writing the post, so I guess that´s why I blogged it wrong :-)

    I owe you a beer at PubCon :-)

  4. Gretus sagt:


    lol, die Hose ist wirklich cool…



  5. Ironschroedi sagt:

    Liegt das an deinem neuen Fable fürs Laufen oder warum passt dir die Höse in Gr. 48 nicht mehr ;-)

  6. mediadonis sagt:

    wieso “neuer fable” fürs Laufen? Diesen Oktober ist bereits mein dritter Marathon! (Das war mein erster: 9.10.2006 ->

  7. Michal sagt:

    lol, the last pic is hilarious

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