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SES Hamburg recap – German search conferences are on a rise!

I just arrived in Las Vegas last night! Altough haven gotten bumped up to Lufthansa First Class (nice!), still a hell of a trip (about 19 hours door-to-door) again. Fabolous Ceasars Palace upgraded my as well, so I´m now typing this post in my freakin´ awesome penthouse suite on a private pentouse floor on top of the palace-tower… I really don´t know which of the 3 baths (!) I should use 🙂

I really can´t wait to stroll around my second home vegas in a little bit, but before I do that – here´s a quick recap of SES Hamburg, which took place on monday & tuesday!

I really had a great time! It´s so great to see, that the german conferences finally pick up some speed, and become more and more like the shining US-examples! Sure, it still feels lightyears away, but compared to what was going on the last couple of years – it´s definetly a huge improvement! It was great to a lot of familiar faces again (and some even for the first time, like my SEO-childhood hero Fantomaster, Malte, Jens etc. etc.).

Lennart´s & Timo´s Party was also loads of fun, especially due to our live show from their new office – what great new office! Thanks to Kevin, Martin & Joost for the heavy contribution on our show!

A unique reunion happened later at the Axel Springer Party – six former Scouty´s (we all used to work for Scout24), all more then successful in their „new lifes“, met up for a Ex-Scouty-Get-Together – pretty amazing how many great online marketers evolved from Scout24! Meet the Scout24-Allstars 🙂

SES Hamburg Pic 1
Patrick C.Price (Idealizer), Niels Dörje (Google), Ronjon Sarcar (iProspect), Ron Hillmann (Iven & Hillmann), me and Pascal Fantou (Q48)

Joost uploaded some more pictures over at FlickR – I especially like this one with Patrick, Joost, Matt McGovan and myself ->

SES Hamburg Pic 2

Really great times! Can´t wait for SES Hamburg next year 🙂

Some more can be found over at lovely Nina´s Blog or at Monti´s. Btw. -> Tadeusz thought it was a huge waste of time

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