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SEOs for Charity – AMAZONICA

AMAZONICA BannerSEOs for Charity Round II – My continuous support for the Münchner Tafel (I try to drive at least 3 times a month with them) is just not enough – there´s more good things to do for SEOs! Since my engagement for the Münchner Tafel is not really „related“ to what I normally do, some people may consider it a waste of time, since I can´t contribute more (besides of my donations) but my brute work-force, although that´s really all they need on a day to day basis.

When I was searching for a next charity to support, I tried to find something more focused on my core skills -> the internet! And then a good friend of mine introduced my to Mascha Kauka. Some german folks might remember some of the fabulous comics the Kauka Verlag created in the past over 50 years, like Fix und Foxi and the famous Bussi Bär, which Mascha actually invented back then (how cool is that?!?!).

Mascha KaukaMascha started a Foundation called AMAZONICA a while back to help the native indian people of the Ecuadorian jungle preserve and make enduring use of this most important global ecological forest system. After all, for millions of years nature has been the most perfect global network – now mankind follows with its own globalization. In a world globalized according to human standards the quality of our future life and economy will largely depend on the way we preserve the natural environment that we are all a part of!

The Indian peoples living in the Amazon jungle are best suited to protect their forest from destructive influences and to preserve it for mankind. They are ready to do it! So the AMAZONICA foundation built the Jungle Academy in the jungle of the Amazon basin! The first Jungle-Academy for Indian peoples and visitors from industrial nations. The academy’s directors are Achuar people with university degrees. They cooperate with professors, teachers and trainers from industrial nations. Hundreds of thousands of Indians in forest communities far from any roads are interested in education, health, production and ecological technologies. Compassion and reason command that we support these people because we all share the same future.

Indio with ComputerAnd now the AMAZONICA Academy is taking it´s next huge step -> They will get Internet access! We built an antenna at the Academy, to connect the staff & students to the internet!

Beginning of June I will fly to Ecuador, and into the Ecuadorian Jungle to visit the AMAZONICA Academy! Together with a reporter, and a photographer from germany´s biggest tabloid BILD am Sonntag we will officially „baptise“ this antenna, and I´ll show the Indio´s how to use the internet!

So we will bring the Internet to the Ecuadorian Jungle
Everybody talks about future – AMANZONICA builds it!

Maybe we can even broadcast an episode of Webmasters on the Roof directly from the Ecuadorian Jungle! How cool would that be 🙂

Wanna support AMAZONICA? Become a Member in the AMAZONICA Supporters Group on Facebook

Help us help the native Indians of Ecuador preserve their habitat – and help to safe our natural enviroment, that we all are part of!

7 Comments on "SEOs for Charity – AMAZONICA"

  1. Friday sagt:

    Hehe – ein Freund von mir hat damls getextet für Fix und Foxi 🙂

  2. Sensationell! Tolle Aktion! Mein daddy hat noch die Sammlung aus den 60´ern zuhause 🙂

  3. Alin sagt:

    Sowas ähnliches habe ich 2004 in Arequipa, Peru gestartet. Das Feedback war sensationell und die Kinder waren richtig begeistert.
    Die Idee zur Aktion hatte ich während eines Praktikums bei Viventura, welche sich stark in Südamerika engagieren und mir die Zeit und Möglichkeit eingeräumt haben diese Idee in die Tat umzusetzen.
    Ich bekomme heute noch Gänsehaut wenn ich an die funkelnden Kinderaugen denke 😉
    Hier ein kurzer Bericht darüber:
    Für mich persönlich war es eine der wertvollsten Erfahrungen in meinem Leben.
    Dir wünsche ich viel Erfolg mit Deiner Aktion und freue mich über spannende Berichte!

  4. namewise sagt:

    Find es ganz grosse Klasse wie Du Dich engagierst!

  5. danke für dein engagement. das rückt SEO wieder aus der betrugs-Ecke raus und regt an, sich über ethisch und politisch korrektes SEO gedanken zu machen.

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