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SEOs for Charity

SEOs for CharityThis post will be a little different, then what you´re normally reading here. No pictures of fancy cars, beautiful women or excessive partying this time… it´s about something, which couldn´t be further away from that!

I´m 30 years old, I´m exceptionally successful in what I do, and for the past years now, I managed to earn more money, then I would have ever imagined, even in my wildest dreams. I´m thankful for having the opportunity, to not only do what I love every day, but to also earn a shitload of money with it.

I don´t deny, that I just love my Porsche, love travelling around the world, and love partying till the morning, drinking champaign, and just reward myself for working so hard every day. But besides that, I always considered myself a humble guy, who is grateful for every day, he´s allowed to live out his dream. And I think everybody that knows me, can confirm, that I never became airborned (as I said, besides the Porsche 🙂 …)

But I still think, that this is jost not normal for a 30 year old guy, and so I wanna dedicate more time, to what´s just more important in life. I´ve always been donating money (no, not just for getting a link on a donation site! 🙂 …) and stuff, but I think, that that´s just not enough!

So I decided to work voluntarily for one week for the Münchner Tafel, a well respected charity organisation in munich dedicated to collecting food from restaurants and supermarkets and making a „free supermarket“ every day for the homeless and needily people in munich. Sure, I could just make a rather generous contribution to this organisation and „wash my hands clean“ and buy myself absolution, but I think it will be way more rewarding to be out on the streets with those guys and really help (I´ll still do this generous contribution to them, for giving me the opportunity to help for one week!)

I think, that this will help me, although never really having been airborned, get back to earth…

And I wouldn´t be the Mediadonis, if I hadn´t had a great idea, you´ll hear more about, when I´ve worked there for a week. Since this industry got a lot of young guns like me earning shitloads of money, I think it´s time to raise some awareness for giving back something to the community. This will be called the SEOs for Charity Project – stay tuned!