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SEOktoberfest | Photos

Since words really can´t describe, how incredible SEOktoberfest has been, just take a look at the photos.
There´s been quite a lot of photos, so I created a bunch of albums ->

-> Pictures from the Conference
-> Pictures from Day 1 @ Hippodrom
-> Pictures from the Hippodrom Afterparty @ P1 Club
-> Pictures from Day 2 @ Armbrustschützenzelt
-> Pictures from the Armbrustschützen Afterparty @ Nachstich / Schrannenhalle

Here´s the whole SEOktoberfest-Crew
SEOktoberfest Pic 1

There was lots of stuff to talk about & to learn at SEOktoberfest
SEOktoberfest Pic 2

Hands on Tips on SEO and how to make money online
SEOktoberfest Pic 3

And there was party…
SEOktoberfest Pic 4

… lots of party…
SEOktoberfest Pic 5

… and really big bottles of champagne…
SEOktoberfest Pic 6

… which didn´t necessarily where there to drink
SEOktoberfest Pic 7

Thanks again to everybody, who was a part of the 1st SEOktoberfest – every single one of you made it what it was -> the most incredible event I ever attended! Still don´t believe me? Read what another attendee – Richard – thought of the SEOktoberfest experience

SEOktoberfest was the opposite of most webmaster conferences: no BS, no fakers, no newbies, no self-promotion. Just 25 or so serious internet entrepreneurs from the four corners of the world. I’ve never been to any webmaster conference where people speak so frankly: how they make money online, which traffic tricks work now, which strategies will pay off longer term.

I couldn´t have said that better :-)
See ya all @SEOktoberfest 2009!

Oh, and last but not least -> a big thanks to the organizer & Eventmaster Philip!

28 Comments on "SEOktoberfest | Photos"

  1. Andreas sagt:

    Seriously, I just see Macs all over the place, noone using a PC with Vista or sth. anymore? :o )

  2. Michal sagt:

    Bei den Eintrittspreisen hatte ich aber Dom erwartet ;-)

  3. Brain sagt:

    was ist denn ‘really big bottles of champaign’ ? hoffentlich optimiert ihr seo-legastheniker nicht genauso die keywords eurer kunden.

  4. mediadonis sagt:

    @Brain: Ha, geil – danke für den Hinweis, hatte ich komplett übersehen!
    Gruß vom SEO-Legastheniker :-)

  5. Schnappi sagt:

    Schöne Bilder :)

  6. Sebastian sagt:

    “Champaign” kommt von “Campaign”. Das passt schon :)
    War der Herr Hogan auch dar?( :)

  7. mediadonis sagt:

    @Sebastian: Ha, was für ne abgefahrene Story! Dachte schon Du meinst Shawn :-)

  8. purposeinc sagt:

    O.K. you beat me! Octoberfest won! Fantastic pictures. Next year we have to do it on different weeks so I can come!!! If I am invited. Since I am a non-drinker, they may not let me into Germany at that time of year!

    Congratulations on a spectacular event!

    See you at the poker tables!

    Much Love,

  9. mediadonis sagt:

    Whazzup DK!!!
    I heard only great things about your event, too!
    We should definetly scedule both events differently next week!
    See ya next month at the poker tables :-)

  10. matt sagt:


  11. robert sagt:

    Gibs dieses Jahr wieder ne Sause?

  12. harry sagt:

    Really nice pics

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