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SEOktoberfest Charity BBQ raises 37.942 Euros for Charity!

WHOA – our Grand 5th Anniversary SEOktoberfest Charity BBQ Charity Auction ended yesterday, and the overall result is just incredible! We managed to raise 37.942 Euros for Charity for the 50 tickets we offered to join this exclusive event!

Therefore the average ticket price is 758 Euros (!!) for a single ticket, the highest bid being 5.000 Euros (!) by both Refined Ads and an anonymous donor, and the minimum bid being 425 Euros snagged by Dirk. Really an incredible result! I would have never dreamed that bids would end up being so high in the end, but hey – the event will definetly be well worth it! Check out the final list with all the 50 people that will spend a once in a lifetime event with the whole SEOktoberfest Crew in exactly 3 weeks here in munich – congratulations to everyone that made the list!

Thanks so much to everyone who took part in our charity auction! A special thanks to Refined Ads, Heiko, Pip, Marcel, Ralf and an anonymous donor who even donated well over 1.000 Euros for a single ticket! And last but not least, a big thanks to everyone, that helped spread the word! You guys rock!

My friends from Amazonica (as well as the Achuar) and the Münchner Tafel are totally stoked about the result! It´s really way more then everyone was hoping for! Mascha from Amazonica and someone from the Münchner Tafel will also be at the Charity BBQ, so just say hi if you want to know more about what the money will be used for! Since I´m personally involved with both charities I know that all the money is really being used for a good cause.

The last ticket goes to…

The SEO Scavenger Hunt by LinkResearchTools also ended last night, with a whopping 712 people competing for the last & only SEOktoberfest ticket this year! That´s just as incredible – I would have never thought that over 700 people would end up battling for one single ticket (!) for SEOktoberfest! This event can really change someone´s life, and I´m really happy to announce that Stefan Juhl from Denmark will be that someone, answering all 10 questions right in just 32 minutes! Congratulations Stefan & welcome to SEOktoberfest!

Check the official recap post on for who has won the Link Research Tools Superhero accounts, and for a glimpse at last nights questions (and their correct answers)