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SEOktoberfest 2012 | The Pictures

Finally some pictures from our Grand 5th Year Anniversary of SEOktoberfest two weeks ago. I uploaded all the pictures over on my FlickR account, but here are my favorite ones ->

SEOktoberfest 2012 - Pic 1

Full House at the SEOktoberfest Conference

SEOktoberfest 2012 - Pic 2

Jeroen and Martin talking about SEO (what else would they be talking about 🙂 …)

SEOktoberfest 2012 - Pic 3

Aaron, Chris, Jeroen and Brian sporting their new Lederhosens

SEOktoberfest 2012 - Pic 4

SEOktoberfest Expert Michelle from Third Door Media and Giselle from Facebook having a great time at Ochsenbraterei

SEOktoberfest 2012 - Pic 5

SEOktoberfest Expert Barbara, my beautiful fiancée Becci and Stephan enjoying the delicious food at Ochsenbraterei

SEOktoberfest 2012 - Pic 6

Giselle, Brian, Jeroen and Alex rock´n´rolling at 089bar

SEOktoberfest 2012 - Pic 7

Timon and Martin in love 🙂

This years highlight was definetly the Grand 5th Year Anniversary Charity BBQ, which raised 38.000 Euros for munich´s local charities Münchner Tafel and the Amazonica Foundation. We have a strict "Don´t Tweet – Don´t Blog – Don´t Tell" poilcy at SEOktoberfest, but there´s a couple of nice reviews of the event by Andreas, Christian, Marcel, Andre and Henrik. Thanks so much to our great Charity BBQ sponsors Searchmetrics, LinkResearchTools and 42Digital that made this amazing day possible, and allowed us to have all the donations go 100% towards these great charities!

SEOktoberfest 2012 - Pic 8

5th year anniversary commemorative mugs for everyone at the SEOtktoberfest Charity BBQ

SEOktoberfest 2012 - Pic 9

Hannelore Kiethe from Münchner Tafel, myself and Mascha Kauka from the Amazonica Foundation are excited about the 38.000 euros raised at the Charity BBQ

SEOktoberfest 2012 - Pic 10

Astonishing views at the Bergerhof

SEOktoberfest 2012 - Pic 11

Joost, RSnake and Alex enjoying the panoramic view

SEOktoberfest 2012 - Pic 12

The Bergerhof

SEOktoberfest 2012 - Pic 13

Great Food all day long – Henrik seemed to like it 🙂

SEOktoberfest 2012 - Pic 14

Great Drinks

SEOktoberfest 2012 - Pic 15

The BlackHat Shed featuring Bob, RSnake, Cygnus and Fili drew the biggest crowd

SEOktoberfest 2012 - Pic 16

Prost everyone!

SEOktoberfest 2012 - Pic 17

oh, and Prost Martin of course 🙂

SEOktoberfest 2012 - Pic 18

Bob and the two former Googlers Fili and Niels

So jump up if you LOVE SEOktoberfest 🙂

Thanks so much to everyone for making this year the best SEOktoberfest ever & a worthy 5th year anniversary! Your SEOktoberfest Crew – Flo, Becci, myself, Jens & Jan – see you all next year!

SEOktoberfest 2012 - Pic 19

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