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SEOktoberfest 2011 | The Pictures

SEOktoberfest 2011 was a huge blast! I just uploaded the pictures over on FlickrBernd Schuler did an amazing job again capturing some great moments we had at SEOktoberfest!

I don´t even want to blog a lot about SEOktoberfest – as you may know, nothing we talk about at the SEOktoberfest conference gets blogged or twittered, to ensure, that everyone can speak freely, without having to worry about, that the stuff might end up on the internet.

So let´s hear it from someone, who was at SEOktoberfest for the 1st time – Søren won the Searchmetrics SEOktoberfest Ticket-Challenge, and went to SEOktoberfest for free – here´s what he thought about our little event ->

Zitat Søren Riisager

Ok, enough said – here´s a couple of my favourite photos from SEOktoberfest 2011 ->

SEOktoberfest 2011 - Pic 1SEOktoberfest 2011 - Pic 2

Dennis, Alex and Martin enjoying the conference part

SEOktoberfest 2011 - Pic 3

Who can hold up the stein the longest? My first ever tie in this competition in four years of SEOktoberfest! Well done Andre!

SEOktoberfest 2011 - Pic 4
SEOktoberfest 2011 - Pic 5
SEOktoberfest 2011 - Pic 6

Former Miss Oktoberfest Anna, Miss September 2009 Sandra, Playmate of the Year 2010 Anna-Maria and Playmate of the Year 2007 Juliane having a great time at 089bar

SEOktoberfest 2011 - Pic 7

The spa & wellness day was held at Roberto´s Beach this year. Fantastic weather, great food, four masseurs to get everyone back to normal again after a grueling day at Oktoberfest.

SEOktoberfest 2011 - Pic 8

Full house at the SEOktoberfest Friends & Family Charity Dinner

SEOktoberfest 2011 - Pic 9
SEOktoberfest 2011 - Pic 10
SEOktoberfest 2011 - Pic 11
SEOktoberfest 2011 - Pic 12
SEOktoberfest 2011 - Pic 13

Dominik having a chat with the Playboy´s current Miss Oktoberfest 2011 Katharina

SEOktoberfest 2011 - Pic 14

… but then he got a little wet…

SEOktoberfest 2011 - Pic 15

*Prost* Dominik 🙂

Check out all photos of SEOktoberfest on Flickr!

SEOktoberfest 2011 – The Movie will be out in about 2 weeks – stay tuned 🙂

5 Comments on "SEOktoberfest 2011 | The Pictures"

  1. Roman sagt:

    Das sieht ja nach jeder Menge Spaß aus. Nice 🙂

  2. Felix sagt:

    Ich bin froh das ich nicht da war! So viele hart arbeitende SEOs, das steckt bestimmt an oder?

    Prost Dominik!

  3. Rob sagt:

    hahahaha,….. also war es wieder einmal ein gelungenes SE*Oktoberfest,laut bilder! Wie man sieht ein spritziges erlebnis 4ya.

    Absolut klasse Bilder, super bunnies, bier on & in mass…. super gäste…. freut mich für 😀


  4. Chr sagt:

    so macht arbeit spaß…..egal in welcher branche 😉 auf das ihr im nächsten wieder so ein tolles seo-oktoberfest habt…

  5. Movie? sagt:

    Where is the awesome SEOktoberfest 2011 Movie? 🙂

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