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SEOktoberfest 2011 | FAQ

SEOktoberfest 2011 - Teaser

Whoa – the feedback we got so far regarding SEOktoberfest 2011 has been absolutly amazing! But there´s also a ton of questions & rumors going around, so let´s do a little FAQ ->

How can I get a ticket for SEOktoberfest 2011?
We sell only 18 tickets (!) each year for 5.000 Euros a piece. I know that´s not a lot, but unfortunatly it´s freakin´ tough to get over 50 seats in great tents like Hippodrom and Schützen-Festzelt, and together with the 18 Experts and 9 former Playmates, we´re maxed out…
And to be honest -> The 1:1 ratio from Experts to regular Attendees is one of the reasons, why SEOktoberfest is so great – everyone really has the chance to chat & drink with everyone else, and not just simply „network„, but really becoming friends with one another – that´s SEOktoberfest!

Right now, all previous SEOktoberfest attendees have the chance to secure their ticket for SEOktoberfest 2011. I think (and hope) we´ll have 2 or even 3 tickets this year for some fresh blood. If you want to be part of SEOktoberfest 2011 just drop me a quick eMail, and I´ll put you on the waiting list. Since we already got over 30 people (!) on the waiting list, we spent quite some time figuring out a way, that everyone on the waiting list has a fair chance to get one of these „Newbie Tickets!

Is SEOktoberfest really worth 5.000 Euros?? Are you guys crazy?
For sure! I actually asked all attendees from last years SEOktoberfest the same question, and here´s what they said ->

SEOktoberfest Survey
(Screenshot from SurveyMonkey)

And hey – so far we got 7 people signed up for SEOktoberfest 2011, that have been to all three of the previous SEOktoberfest events, and 5 of those were even at our little spin-off SEO de Janeiro in Rio 2009! I think that says it all 🙂

Oh, and here´s what two of our Experts Dave Naylor and Fantomaster say about SEOktoberfest ->

SEOktoberfest Quote Dave Naylor

SEOktoberfest Quote Fantomaster

SEOktoberfest 2010 even won the State of SearchConference of the Year“ award last year!

Oh, and btw. -> we even got a money-back guarantee! But noone ever wanted his money back 🙂

Is SEOktoberfest really a profit free event?
Yes, it is. Neither me nor Quadszilla make a single dime with SEOktoberfest. The only one, who´s making a couple of bucks is our Event Manager Philip, that´s it.

We could easily milk this cow, and make huge bucks with this event – as I said, we got over 30 people on the waiting list right now, who are willing to drop 5.000 Euros immediatly – but we want to keep it small & exclusive, so everyone´s getting the most out of the SEOktoberfest experience.

We even raised 10.000 Euros for charity at last years SEOktoberfest with the Friends & Family Charity Dinner!

I can´t afford 5.000 Euros right now. Is there any other chance I can be part of SEOktoberfest?
Yes, there is! The easiest way is probably to get a seat at the Friends & Family Charity Dinner. We´ll auction of 20 seats for charity in a pretty unique way (like last year – the 20 highest bids win a ticket) starting next monday, the 15th of august! You can choose, next to which of our Experts you want to sit, and who you want to get to know a little better.

We´ll also do a new contest this year, with the unique chance to become a SEOktoberfest Expert yourself! Stay tuned for more details!

Maybe there will even be another chance to win a ticket – just keep your eyes & ears open, and Twitter in sight 🙂

Right now I only count 16 Experts. Didn´t you say it´s going to be 18 Experts this year?
Yes, indeed! There will be 2 more Experts revealed in the next couple of days. Oh, and there´s an US internet billionaire, who wants to stay anonymous, that partied with us two years ago, and wants to come again this year – that´s SEOktoberfest 🙂