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SEOktoberfest 2010 | Truly Epic

You´ll probably be tired of hearing it, but SEOktoberfest 2010 was truly epic, and the best SEOktoberfest we had so far!

We actually didn´t change that much, just some details, but the new experts Dave Naylor, Jim Boykin, Kris Jones & Dave Snyder (who replaced Chris Winfield) really added some great value to the conference! I really gotta say, that the contents of this year´s conference were far better then the last two years, especially Robert rSnake Hansen´s 90 minute presentation really blew everyone away again! Although you probably shouldn´t do anything of what rSnake was talking about, it´s just always great to hear the No.1 whitehat Hacker in the world talk about the stuff that´s going on these days!

But we also talked a lot about linkbuilding, and some pretty creative ways to get trusted links, as well as about social media, and how to leverage your social media efforts, and gaining backlinks via different social news aggregators. Google Instant, and how to game Google suggest, was also a big topic at SEOktoberfest, and Avi walked everyone through a detailed step-by-step instruction, of how you can convince Google to suggest your longtail keyword-combo to its users 🙂

Some experts were sharing private tools, or pretty cool wordpress plugins etc. It was just great to see, that everyone was willing to share everything with each other, without having to be afraid, that the stuff would end up on a blog or twitter 🙂

I myself took quite a lot of notes, and I´m pumped to try some of the stuff I heard!

Well, I guess there´s nothing else to say besides THANK YOU
Quadszilla, Philip, Jan, all experts, all attendees, everyone that showed up at the Friends & Family Charity Dinner, our girls etc. etc.
A big THANK YOU to all of you – without every single one of you SEOktoberfest wouldn´t have been that amazing!

And without further ado -> here´re my favourite pictures of SEOktoberfest 2010

You can find ALL the pictures over at FlickR – check it out!

SEOktoberfest 2010 - Pic 1

SEOktoberfest 2010 - Pic 2
When rSnake´s talking everyone listens…

SEOktoberfest 2010 - Pic 3
Greg seemed to like it

SEOktoberfest 2010 - Pic 4
Hands on tips

After 6 hours of conferencing, we were off to the famous Hippodrom ->

SEOktoberfest 2010 - Pic 5
Bob was happy to get his first beer of SEOktoberfest

SEOktoberfest 2010 - Pic 6
The girls sure had their fun as well

SEOktoberfest 2010 - Edmund Stoiber
Even the former minister-president of Bavaria Edmund Stoiber wanted to party with the SEOktoberfest Crew

After Hippodrom we all went to 089bar for some after-SEOktoberfest-action

SEOktoberfest 2010 - Pic 7
Heads up Bob 🙂

SEOktoberfest 2010 - Pic 8
We had 87 litres of champaign at SEOktoberfest – 33 of which have been drunken within the first hour after our arrival at 089… OMG 🙂

Of course there are no pictures of the SPA day at Therme Erding, where we had the whole Royal Day Spa for ourselves, and 7 massage therapists to get all the experts and attendees fit again!

After the Spa we had our SEOktoberfest Friends & Family Charity Dinner at Die blaue Donau which raised 10.000 Euros for the AMAZONICA foundation!

SEOktoberfest 2010 - Pic 9
Bob in love with a 1995 bottle of Krug!

SEOktoberfest 2010 - Pic 10
Joost sharing some tips with his fellow table mates

SEOktoberfest 2010 - Pic 11

On day 3, after another 6 hours of conferencing, we went to Schützen-Festzelt

SEOktoberfest 2010 - Pic 12
Natalia sure seems to drink a lot quicker then Brent 🙂

SEOktoberfest 2010 - Pic 13
Dave, rSnake, Greg, Special Guest & Microsoft´s Global SEO Lead Frank and Bob

SEOktoberfest 2010 - Pic 14
Jim and norwegian SEO Geir seem to had some fun at the big final party at VICE

SEOktoberfest 2010 - Pic 15

SEOktoberfest 2010 - Pic 16
A big thanks to our sponsor Bodog and our shuttle crew, who made sure everybody got home safe!

Check out all the pictures of SEOktoberfest 2010 over at FlickR!

Search Engine Watch Editor Frank Watson has the last word this year ->

Frank´s Tweet

thank you.

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