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SEO Rap Battle

Finally I got the video of the SEO Rap Battle at BlackFinn up. m0serious takes on my rhyme juggling self (I actually rap a song from an old album of the great german rappers Kinderzimmer Productions). I know the video is kinda dark, and the sounds not really good, but what da hell – I´m a rapper not a cameraman 🙂

So when Google should ever torch all of my stuff, I´ll definetly pursue a career in gangsta rap 🙂

Oh, and also check out his great SEMPO Rap at the Vintage Tub & Bath / Pepperjam / Range Dinner at Manhattan Penthouse:

4 Comments on "SEO Rap Battle"

  1. Wow, da kennt noch wer die Jungs aus Ulm! K.I.N.D.E.R.Z.I.doppel M.E.R 😉

  2. Andre sagt:

    Schuster bleib bei deinen Stiefeln!

  3. Lee Odden sagt:

    Very cool Marcus – the rap battle was awesome. Great seeing you again!

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