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SEO de Janeiro rocks!

SEO de Janeiro Pic 4

SEO de Janeiro has really been a blast so far! Day 1 was just about partying a little, to get to know all the people in a relaxed atmosphere – so we had a pool party in a great mansion on top of one of the numerous hills of Rio de Janeiro. Good times 🙂

On Day 0 (most of the people arrived early) we did a tour through the famous Rocinha favela, which is actually the largest favela in Rio (approx. 160.000 people live there!). Pretty cool tour (I actually filmed a little while walking throught the narrow paths – check it out on Youtube) – really something you don´t get to see so often!

Today is the actual 1st day of the conference part of SEO de Janeiro, at a great venue right at the Copacabana – that´s the way to work 🙂

Btw. since a lot of people are asking about it -> we got people from 11 (!!) different countries attending SEO de Janeiro: Germany (actually 7 people!), U.S., Belgium, Denmark, Australia, Austria, England, Belgium, Argentina, New Zealand and Brasil. Just the brightest SEO minds from all over the world – nice 🙂

Some more pictures from our trip:
SEO de Janeiro Pic 1
The famous Ipanema Beach

SEO de Janeiro Pic 2
Rocinha Favela

SEO de Janeiro Pic 3
Awesome view from top of Rocinha

I set up a Photostream „SEO de Janeiro“ over at my FlickR account, which I will keep updating – so check it out!