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Sensory Overload

Konijiwa everyone from Tokyo!
What an amazing city!! At first, I almost got a seizure from those gigantic blinking advertising panels everywhere, with strange dogs and weird cartoon characters screaming unidentifiable stuff in high pitched voices… ahhhh 🙂
But you get used to it, and even more – you really get a hang out of it! It´s just plain awesome! Tokyo really just rocks my socks! The videogame- and electronics-mekka Akihabara, the bars & clubs of Shibuya and Roppongi, the awesome parks all around and just the best Sushi I ever had in my whole life – you just gotta love this city!

Let me give you three things, that are really weird about Japan:

1) To blow one´s nose is a huge taboo in public!
2) Modern japanese toilets make toiletpapaer unnecessary (don´t let me get into details!)
3) Businessmen reading hardcore pornography cartoons openly in the metro!

But all weird´ness aside – it´s really incredible! Everybody (and I mean everybody!) is just super nice, although almost nobody speaks or understands even a single word of english, and I really feel safe, although being a complete foreigner.

I didn´t make that many pictures yet, only a few yesterday at Koishikawa Korakuen Garden, where I spent almost the whole afternoon:

Tokyo Pic 1
Tokyo Pic 2
Tokyo Pic 3

After that I went to the gigantic Tokyo Dome to help 45.000 baseball crazy Tokyo´ians cheer on their home team Yomiuri Giants in their spectacular 6:2 win over the Chinchiu Dragons in the playoff-series (The Yomiuri Giants won the best-of-7 Series 3-1-1 and advanced to the Japan Series, which is the japanese equivalent to the MLB World-Series).

Tokyo Pic 4

On a more SEOy sidenote – at the same time we talked to Rand Fishkin about his new & awesome tool Linkscape on our latest edition of Webmasters on the Roof, germany´s finest SEO Sistrix released his Online Marketing Toolbox -> Check out Sistrix´ Toolbox! He explains the four modules for Monitoring, Backlink Analysis, PPC Research and other SEO Tools in full length on his blog, so make sure to read all about it.
I use his Toolbox myself, and I really gotta say -> I just love it! I actually can´t live without it anymore, since it´s the most comprehensive set of tools I ever laid my hands on! And – it´s still way to cheap! I actually told him, to make it much more expensive, since I don´t even want everybody to use his awesome tools 🙂
Great job Johannes!

Oh, and if you´re looking for some geeky christmas gifts -> check out the Grandmaster-of-Awesomeness Jeremy´s post -> Practical And Funny Gifts For The Person That Has Everything – I definetly need one of those Anti-Theft Coffee Cups, what an incredibly useful idea 🙂

Oh, and I surpassed 800 followers over at Twitter!! Thanks everybody for following me!