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Sensory Overload

Konijiwa everyone from Tokyo!
What an amazing city!! At first, I almost got a seizure from those gigantic blinking advertising panels everywhere, with strange dogs and weird cartoon characters screaming unidentifiable stuff in high pitched voices… ahhhh :-)
But you get used to it, and even more – you really get a hang out of it! It´s just plain awesome! Tokyo really just rocks my socks! The videogame- and electronics-mekka Akihabara, the bars & clubs of Shibuya and Roppongi, the awesome parks all around and just the best Sushi I ever had in my whole life – you just gotta love this city!

Let me give you three things, that are really weird about Japan:

1) To blow one´s nose is a huge taboo in public!
2) Modern japanese toilets make toiletpapaer unnecessary (don´t let me get into details!)
3) Businessmen reading hardcore pornography cartoons openly in the metro!

But all weird´ness aside – it´s really incredible! Everybody (and I mean everybody!) is just super nice, although almost nobody speaks or understands even a single word of english, and I really feel safe, although being a complete foreigner.

I didn´t make that many pictures yet, only a few yesterday at Koishikawa Korakuen Garden, where I spent almost the whole afternoon:

Tokyo Pic 1
Tokyo Pic 2
Tokyo Pic 3

After that I went to the gigantic Tokyo Dome to help 45.000 baseball crazy Tokyo´ians cheer on their home team Yomiuri Giants in their spectacular 6:2 win over the Chinchiu Dragons in the playoff-series (The Yomiuri Giants won the best-of-7 Series 3-1-1 and advanced to the Japan Series, which is the japanese equivalent to the MLB World-Series).

Tokyo Pic 4

On a more SEOy sidenote – at the same time we talked to Rand Fishkin about his new & awesome tool Linkscape on our latest edition of Webmasters on the Roof, germany´s finest SEO Sistrix released his Online Marketing Toolbox -> Check out Sistrix´ Toolbox! He explains the four modules for Monitoring, Backlink Analysis, PPC Research and other SEO Tools in full length on his blog, so make sure to read all about it.
I use his Toolbox myself, and I really gotta say -> I just love it! I actually can´t live without it anymore, since it´s the most comprehensive set of tools I ever laid my hands on! And – it´s still way to cheap! I actually told him, to make it much more expensive, since I don´t even want everybody to use his awesome tools :-)
Great job Johannes!

Oh, and if you´re looking for some geeky christmas gifts -> check out the Grandmaster-of-Awesomeness Jeremy´s post -> Practical And Funny Gifts For The Person That Has Everything – I definetly need one of those Anti-Theft Coffee Cups, what an incredibly useful idea :-)

Oh, and I surpassed 800 followers over at Twitter!! Thanks everybody for following me!

5 Comments on "Sensory Overload"

  1. Hasi sagt:

    schaut wirklich nett aus!
    würde mich über mehr Bilder sehr freuen!

  2. Petra Weiss sagt:

    Hi! Super Blog hast Du da ja! Klasse! Werde Dir auf Twitter folgen, ganz klar.
    Ich bewundere, was Du bisher alles getan und geschafft hast. Ich habe vor einem Jahr mit IM angefangen, und habe noch einiges vor mir. Aber ich glaube, wenn ich solchen Leuten wie Dir “folge”, wird’s schon was!
    Ich lebe uebrigens in Australien (Perth).

  3. adam sagt:

    I had the pleasure of spending 3 months in Tokyo. Great photos, they brought back good memories.. Thanks for sharing.

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