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Guest post by Andre Alpar – Andre is a savvy SEO, serial entrepreneur and active business angel since 1996.

If you are a web-designer, web-developer or just a "regular" SEO (like probably most of the readers here), Seerobots may save you a lot of time. I want to show you two quick examples, on how this little handy Firefox add-on could save you a lot of time.

Index or NoIndex?

If you got a big website with a lot of pages, it has become rather important, to only get those pages indexed, you really want in Google´s index. Nobody wants nasty dupe content stuff getting indexed, and stealing valuable juice from the pages you really want to rank. One of the best ways to get that job done, is by using the meta-robots "index" or "noindex" tag. If you´re doing that on a larger scale it can get kind of frustrating though, since you will always have to look into the source code of a page, to see which of the both attributes you have put in there (like if you´re doing in automatically on a specific type of page like tag- or category-pages). With Seerobots you can see this with the blink of an eye in the lower right corner of your browser ->

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It works with the X-Robots tag as well

If you´re swapping links, or maybe even buying some of them (you evil bastard 🙂 …) you got to be on a constant lookout if someone´s getting sneaky on you, like using the HTTP X-Robots tag to prevent any link on that page to pass juice, and thereby making it completly worthless for you SEO-efforts. So if you want to check a lot of your backlinks, it´s again pretty frustrating, if you have to open up the source code each and every time, to see if there´s a X-Robots tag, that migh flush your linkjuice down the toilet… This is where Seerobots comes in handy again – either "on click" or instantly on every page you visit ->

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What do you say? Could this be a add-on you might be interested in? 🙂

Just try it out and take it for a quick spin – you can download it over here at And if you become a fan of my handy little tool, you can stay up to date with new developments & updates over at