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See ya @SES San Jose

Hear me speak SES San JoseSearchEngine Strategies San Jose is just around the corner, and I just can´t wait!

SES San Jose is always the hottest event of the year, and the famous Google Dance by itself is worth the whole trip! (Here´s some pictures of Google Dance 2005, Google Dance 2006 and Google Dance 2007)…

I´ll be speaking on „Dealing with New Technologies“ alongside Mikkel, Robert, Cory of Catalyst:SF and Sean Suchter, the VP of Yahoo! Search Technology Engineering – nice! Should be a fun session, especially since I´m totally ANTI new technology when it comes to SEO! I know AJAX may look pretty, but it´s pretty horrible for SEO!

As far as I know, there´s about 30 people from germany flying to San Jose, which is pretty great! It´s getting more & more every year! But it´s still unbelievable that so many so called SEO agencies over here in germany don´t fly to the SESes! If you want to know what´s going on in the searchsphere, you just have to be at SES San Jose! So get your shit together, register at SES and fly over to San Jose – see ya there 🙂

3 Comments on "See ya @SES San Jose"

  1. Visitor sagt:

    Try this query Mr. SEO… impressive picture! 😉

  2. David sagt:

    We should organize a German party – „the German dance“…

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