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Quick PubCon RoundUp & Warren J. still ruleZ

PubCon Las Vegas was a blast! What can I say… like always 🙂
Unfortunatly a lot less germans (only Bastian and Pascal… as well as some strange guys from an unknown SEO Company), but besides germans – just everybody else! Loads of fun hanging out with my best SEO-buddy Bob „Bonebreaker“ Rains (despite the fact he keeps telling that untrue Abercrombie & Fitch story to everybody 🙂 …), Brent, Neil, Chris, Shoe & Dave, the BOTWs, DK (who just rocks!!), Todd, Rand, Stephen, Christoph, Richard, Greg, Mr. Oilman, and so many more… (oh, and John – next time I´ll call you down 🙂 …)

I also got two funny videos – First Shoemoney gettin´ slapped by Jill for a bottle of Dom (sponsored by Bob the Bonebreaker) -> Shoemoney gets slapped

And Neil gettin´ ballslapped by the Bonebreaker himself 🙂

But I had definetly the most fun with his awesomeness Warren J. and the CAP Crew. Warren, John „Douchebag Slapper“ Dang and Lou The Professor Fabiano came to Vegas to watch the fight of the century – UFC 91 – at MGM. And guess who they invited? … 🙂

PubCon 2008 Pic 2

Thank so much guys for taking me out with you! I´ve never been to UFC, and it´s just awesome!!! Although Randy Couture got his ass kicked by Brock Lesnar, it was one of the coolest live events I´ve ever been to! Btw. check out CAP´s new LearningCenter featuring a Q&A section with Bob!

PubCon 2008 Pic 2

But since it´s Warren, we just didn´t watch the fight… we also partied… A LOT!
You may remember Warren from the famous 10.000 dollar party at LAX this summer… and he was back… with a vengance! Here´s the cheque from our first night out @ the famous TAO (by far my favourite club in Vegas) ->

PubCon 2008 Pic 3

And be sure we came back for more the next night 🙂

I also made two quick videos at TAO – since it´s just so unbelievably good! Here´s Part I, and here´s Part II