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PubCon Las Vegas 2006 – The Movie

I finally finished cutting the video I filmed at PubCon last month in Las Vegas! I know it took a while, but I hope it was worth waiting for… have fun :-)

Thanks to all people in the movie, especially Rand, Andy Hagans of Text Link Ads, Yahoo´s Tim Mayer, Adam, Graywolf, Bill, Greg & Brian from Best of the Web, Jake Baillie, Jen, Shawn, Mighty Bob, Matt, Todd, Chris, Jeremy, Dave and last but not least Brett Tabke for the great conference, and Tommy for helping me cutting the video!

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30 Comments on "PubCon Las Vegas 2006 – The Movie"

  1. Brian sagt:

    Excellent work Marcus — the only thing missing isa clip of you “blending” with the Santa scene at Binions….. ;-)

  2. Fridaynite sagt:

    WUHUU – well – my flight is booked next year ;-)

  3. Erik sagt:

    “The Lederhosen Spammer”, I like that. ;-)

  4. Mika sagt:

    Cooles Video, hast dir echt viel Mühe gegeben.. das Ende mit Matt Cutts find ich genial :D

  5. Shawn Hogan sagt:

    Hahahahaha…. great video!

  6. Dave Dugdale sagt:

    I really enjoyed that. It must have taken sometime to put that together.

  7. Lee sagt:

    That’s pretty slick. Lots of stuff you wouldn’t find on WebProNews videos or mine, that’s for sure. Well done!

  8. Chris Hooley sagt:

    DUDE that was the best video I have seen in a looong time! Brought back some great memories! Thanks for putting me all up in that shizzle!

  9. Bulbboy sagt:

    Liked that a lot. Cool soundtrack too.

    Wonder if Shawn’s thumb is like that due to too much videogaming?


  10. Krunal sagt:

    Excellent Video Mate,
    Thanx alot .. I could now myself feel that i m in Pubcon ;)
    Thanx for sharing

  11. Geiger sagt:

    Shawn, personally what works for me is “Hi, I’m Shawn Hogan. I own a mansion and a yacht.”

    Who cares if I’m a 5’11″ 230 pound guy with plenty of hair. If they’re smart enough to figure it out… well, I’m just here for the dumb ones. Giggity giggity goo!

  12. Edwin sagt:

    lol, cool video man.

  13. Rae sagt:

    Nice video… nice to see what I missed while I was off being a degenerate gambler after my sessions were over. One comment though… Shandyking’s name is Adam Sussman with an N and not Sussmal with an L. ;-)

  14. Paul Rome sagt:

    Great video, thanks for sharing it.

  15. John Loch sagt:

    Yeah, nicely cut. For once I got to see what *really* goes on at these conferences..

    Why is it the chrome domes get all the gals (and the mansions), but cant remember a bloody line to save themselves ?? :P

    Shame, shame, shame.. :D

  16. Paul sagt:

    Great Video Loved it!

  17. Manuel sagt:

    Great video !!
    I’m on the 5:16 frame !!!

  18. Georg sagt:

    Just listened to the SEOFM and came to your site – if the podcast fangroup is growing you and Friday can offer a organised tour to Las Vegas … including a drive through marriage rebate coupon ;-)

  19. Thommi sagt:

    Great video… :P

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