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PubCon and the rest of my weekend

SEMSEO / PubCon has been loads of fun – thanks Webby for everything! If you wanna read a more elaborate recap, just surf over to one of these dudes -> Mario (ok, that was short…), Hendrik, Frank, ZarDziki, Gerald (I was actually sitting in that pic…), Stefanie, Eric (lots of detailed recaps there!), Thorsten, Alexandra, the Coach, Frank, Tobi, Joel, Pascal, Michael, Jeroen, Christoph, Dr.Evil, Faris (thanks for the last Spargelschnapps!), and last but not least -> Gretus. Oh, in case you really haven´t seen the enourmous bill yet, you can check it out over at Friday, Christophya and Yannick! Did I miss someone??

My Top 3 Highlights were ->

3) Doc Mario twittering – you don´t know who he is? Here´s a (slightly older) pic of him LOL 🙂

2) „Nabelschnurblut“ will be the new SEO Battleground! (Don´t know what „Nabelschnurblut“ is? Here´s a great Article about Nabelschnurblut)

1) „Sometimes it´s better to do nothing right, but everything wrong

And now to the rest of my busy weekend… Without much sleep, I flew home at noon on saturday, and had to drive to Iffezheim (about a 3 hour drive), since our race horse Primo Vero was starting in the prestigious Lanson Cup at the Iffezheim Spring Meeting! Expectations where high, especially due to the lastest win in Frankfurt, and the quotes seemed to indicate us as a slight favour to win… but, due to a heavy rain about an hour before the race, the inside track, where we were starting from, was effectivly ruined, and the jockey Adrie de Vries was jammed in between the leading pack, never able to break free (or switch lanes to set up an attack). So on the last meters, he even stopped trying, since a win was out of question, leaving us in 7th place. The Winner „AirForce“ was actually a huge underdog with a 145:10 quote (and Primo Vero just beat him in Frankfurt!) – congratulations to this great comeback!

Well, the season just started, and Primo Vero will race in about 7 to 8 other races this year, and definetly returning to Iffezheim in September for the Fall Meeting! Here a a couple of quick pics:

Iffezheim Spring Meeting 2009
Iffezheim Spring Meeting 2009
Lena Theresa should seemed to like her first trip to Iffezheim

Iffezheim Spring Meeting 2009
Primo Vero just before the race