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PubCon & a charitable Poker Tournament

Purpose.INC Poker TournamentIt´s that time of the year again -> PubCon Las Vegas is just around the corner! It´s actually the only search conference I´m not speaking at, but still travel to… but it´s just a no-brainer -> It´s VEGAS baby 🙂

It will be my 5th (!) time this year at PubCon – amazing how time seems to be flying by… Maybe you remember my PubCon Las Vegas 2006 – The Movie, which used to be awesome, before YouTube made me loose the soundtrack (it was „Welcome to the Djungel“ by Guns&Roses originally), and have it replaced with some crappy, but non-copyrighted, song. So you can´t hear the interviews anymore, but I´m just to lazy to get it done right again (most of you guys have probably seen it anyways back in the days…).

But what I actually really wanted to blog about is the 2009 edition of the Purpose Inc SEO Poker Tournament at the Mirage Poker Room next thursday! If you don´t know DK, you definetly have to – a great dude, that took the international seo scene in a storm, climbing up to the top of the „most fun guys to hang out with at a search conference“ ladder. He´s also doing an event, you probably have heard of before – ThinkTank in San Diego, an SEOktoberfest-style event, only without Lederhosens and Beer, but with surfing and margaritas 🙂

And well, there´s the famous SEO Poker Tournament during PubCon, which he´s hosting now for the 3rd (?) time already (only this time at the Mirage and not the Venetian anymore). It´s 170 dollars to get in, and 4k are up for grabs (do you remember that Mr. Shoemoney took 2nd place in 2007?) – oh, and you got to blog about a charity to get a seat, and although I´m even mentioned in the post, I´ll still do a quick shoutout 🙂

You probably know the charities I´m involved with ->
– The Münchner Tafel I help about 3 days each month
– The Cinema for Peace Foundation, where I´m sitting on the advisory board
AMAZONICA, who I just recently visited in the equadorian rainforest

Oh, and tomorrow I´ll do something cool as well -> I will hold a charity online-marketing workshop in the german city of Bonn for Aktion Deutschland Hilft and some other charitable organisations! Well, ok – they insisted on paying me for the workshop, but so I lowered my rate to 500 euros, which will go straight to the Münchner Tafel!

So, DK – can I play in the Tournament? I still got a joker up my sleeve -> Yes, I will bring my Lederhosens again 🙂

I won!

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  1. Erik sagt:

    I’m sure they don’t want to miss out on the dude in Lederhosen. Don’t forget to take pictures of Phil Ivey watching you in awe, by the way. 😉

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